Personal questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave Number (=BFHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bfhhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Survey Wave (Survey Year) welle
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 ID Number Of Person Interviewed bfpnr
1 Year Of Birth bfpbirthy
1 Month of Birth bfpbirthm
1 Sex bfpsex
1 Satisfaction With Health bfp0101
1 satisfaction with sleep bfp0102
1 Satisfaction With Work bfp0103
1 Satisfaction With Housework bfp0104
1 Satisfaction With Household Income bfp0105
1 Satisfaction With Personal Income bfp0106
1 Satisfaction With Dwelling bfp0107
1 Satisfaction With Amount Of Leisure Time bfp0108
1 Satisfaction With Child Care bfp0109
1 Satisfaction With Family Life bfp0110
1 Satisfaction Realization Social Equity bfp0111
1 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bfp0201
1 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bfp0202
1 Frequency of being happy in the last 4 weeks bfp0203
1 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bfp0204
1 Activities Useful And Valuable bfp03
1 own opinion of willingness to take risks bfp04
1 Life Course Depends on Oneself bfp0501
1 Compared to Other People, I Have not Achieved What I Deserve bfp0502
1 Luck and Destiny are Responsible for Achievements bfp0503
1 Own Engagement Influences Social Conditions bfp0504
1 Not Self-Determined bfp0505
1 Hard Work is Fundamental to Achieve Success bfp0506
1 Doubt Own Abilities When difficulties Arise bfp0507
1 Opportunities are Determines by Social Consitions bfp0508
1 Inborn Abilities More Important Than Effort bfp0509
1 I Have Little Control Over My Life bfp0510
1 willingsness to Return Favors bfp0601
1 Take Revenge if Suffer a Serious Wrong bfp0602
1 Payback: Put someone in Difficult Position bfp0603
1 Go Out of Way to Help Somebody Who Was Kind bfp0604
1 when Offended, Offend Back bfp0605
1 Undergo Costs to Help Somebody Who Helped Before bfp0606
1 When Feelings Hurt, Get Over it Fast bfp0607
1 When Somebody Wronged Me, I Think of it a While bfp0608
1 Bear Grudges bfp0609
1 Forgive and Forget bfp0610
1 Positive Attitude Toward Myself bfp0611
1 Amount Of Close Friends bfp0701
1 Colleagues bfp0702
1 Black Economy Work in Personal Environment 2014 bfp08
1 Black Economy Work Personal Environment Today bfp09
1 Hours Weekdays Job, Training bfp1001
1 Hours Weekdays Running Errands bfp1002
1 Hours Weekday Housework bfp1003
1 Hours Weekday Child Care bfp1004
1 Support Persons In Care, Weekday bfp1005
1 Hours Weekdays Training, Education bfp1006
1 Hours Weekday Repairs bfp1007
1 Hours Weekdays Physical Activities bfp1008
1 Hours Weekday Leisure, Hobbies bfp1009
1 Total Item Nonresponse, Weekday bfp1010
1 Hours Saturday Job/Apprenticeship bfp1011
1 Hours Saturday Running Errands bfp1012
1 Hours Saturday Housework bfp1013
1 Hours Saturday Child Care bfp1014
1 Hours Saturday Care/Support bfp1015
1 Hours Saturday Education bfp1016
1 Hours Saturdays Repairs, Garden Work bfp1017
1 Hours Saturday Physical Activities bfp1018
1 Hours Saturday Other Hobbies bfp1019
1 Total Item Nonresponse, Saturday bfp1020
1 Hours Sunday Job/Apprenticeship bfp1021
1 Hours Sunday On Errands bfp1022
1 Hours Sunday On Housework bfp1023
1 Hours Sunday Child Care bfp1024
1 Hours Sunday Care/Support bfp1025
1 Hours Sunday Education bfp1026
1 Hours Sundays Repairs,Garden Work bfp1027
1 Hours Sunday Physical Activities bfp1028
1 Hours Sunday Other Hobbies bfp1029
1 Total Item Nonresponse, Sunday bfp1030
1 Attend Cultural Events bfp1101
1 Cinema/Concerts/Dancing/Sports Events bfp1102
1 Participate In Sports bfp1103
1 Artistic And Musical Activities bfp1104
1 Meeting with Friends/Neighbors bfp1105
1 Help Friends/Neighbors bfp1106
1 Volunteer Work bfp1107
1 Citizens Group bfp1108
1 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bfp1109
1 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bfp12
1 Maternity, Paternity Leave bfp13
1 Statutory Period of Care bfp14
1 Registered Unemployed bfp15
1 Now Receiving Education,Training bfp1601
1 Total Item nonresponse, Education/Training bfp1602
1 Now General-Education School bfp1701
1 Now Specialized College bfp1702
1 University: Scholarship bfp1703
1 university scolarship: student grant bfp1704
1 universtiy scolarship: other bfp1705
1 Vocational Training: Further Training/ Retraining bfp1707
1 Now Vocational Training bfp1709
1 Completed Education,Training Prev. Yr. bfp1801
1 Completed Training Month Prev. Yr bfp1802
1 Completed Training Month Prev. Yr. bfp1803
1 Training Completed - Item Nonresponse bfp1804
1 Education Successfully Completed bfp19
1 Country Education Completed bfp2001
1 Diploma Recognized in Germany bfp2002
1 Degree, Item Nonresponse bfp2101
1 General-Education Degree bfp2102
1 College Degree bfp2104
1 Type Of Education,Training bfp2108
1 Professional Development 2013 bfp22
1 Number of Training Measures 2013 bfp23
1 Number of Training Measures 2013, Days bfp24
1 Paid for Training: I did bfp2501
1 Paid for Training: Employer bfp2502
1 Paid for Training: Employment Office / Job Center bfp2503
1 Paid for Training: Pension Insurance bfp2504
1 Paid for Training: Empl. Insurance Assoc. bfp2505
1 Paid for Training: Other bfp2506
1 Paid for Training: No Costs bfp2507
1 Left Job Since Beginning of Prev. Yr. bfp26
1 Month Last Job Ended Prev. Yr. bfp2701
1 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr. bfp2702
1 Last Job Ended - Item Nonresponse bfp2703
1 Years Worked On Last Job bfp2801
1 Months Worked On Last Job bfp2802
1 Why Job Terminated bfp29
1 Severance Package, Compensation bfp3001
1 Amt. Of Severance Package, Compensation bfp3002
1 Future Job Prospects bfp31
1 Employment Status bfp32
1 Gainful Employment In Future bfp33
1 Gainful Employment Now bfp34
1 Gainful Employment, Desire bfp35
1 Find Suitable Position bfp36
1 Monthly Salary At Which Would Take Job bfp3701
1 Monthly Salary- Can Not Say bfp3702
1 number of hours for netincome bfp38
1 Could Start Immed.-Acceptable Position bfp39
1 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bfp40
1 Current Job or Something New bfp41
1 Within Next Two Years: Take a Paid Job bfp4201
1 Within Next Two Years: Become Self-Employed bfp4202
1 Within Next Two Years: Additional Qualification bfp4203
1 New Job Since Last Year bfp43
1 changed job / new job since Prev. Yr bfp4401
1 number of job changes / new jobs Prev. Yr. bfp4402
1 Current Position Month Prev. Yr. bfp4501
1 Current Position Month Current Yr. bfp4502
1 Current Position Began - Item Nonresponse bfp4503
1 Type Of Job Change bfp46
1 Interruption Because of Children bfp47
1 interruption when changing job (ammount of month) bfp48
1 Wanted to Be My Own Boss bfp4901
1 Did Not Wanted to Be Unemployed Anymore bfp4902
1 Others Advised Me to Start Own Business bfp4903
1 found a market niche bfp4904
1 More Money bfp4905
1 Did Not find Other Job bfp4906
1 Try Out New Idea bfp4907
1 Disadvantages Workplace bfp4908
1 Actively Sought This Position bfp50
1 Found Position Thru bfp51
1 Training Applies To Current Occupation bfp53
1 Training Required bfp54
1 Size of Company bfp56
1 At Current Employer Since-Month bfp5701
1 At Current Employer Since-Year bfp5702
1 Occupational Position bfp5801
1 Currently Self-Employed bfp5802
1 Number of Employees bfp5803
1 Industrial Sector Worker bfp5804
1 Civil Servant bfp5805
1 Currently In Education, Training bfp5806
1 White-Collar Worker bfp5807
1 Civil Service Job bfp59
1 Temporary Or Contractual Basis bfp60
1 Duration Of Work Contract bfp61
1 1-Euro-Job bfp62
1 Contract to Provide Specific Services (Werkvertrag) bfp63
1 Supervision bfp64
1 People Under Direction (Number) bfp65
1 Kind of leadership position bfp66
1 Just Gross Income bfp67
1 Amt. Just Gross Income bfp6801
1 Amt. Gross Income: Do Not Know bfp6802
1 Just Net Income bfp69
1 Amt. Just Net Income bfp7001
1 Amt. Just Net Income: Do Not Know bfp7002
1 Difficulty Of Finding New Job bfp71
1 Chance Of Losing Job bfp7201
1 Chance Of Leaving The Labor Force bfp7202
1 Changes Working Hours bfp7203
1 Continue working Beyond Retirement Age bfp73
1 Type Of Working Hour Possibilities bfp74
1 On-Call Duty bfp7501
1 On-Call Service bfp7502
1 Standby Duty bfp7503
1 No bfp7504
1 Required to Work in the Evening bfp7601
1 Required To Work at Night bfp7602
1 Required To Work On Saturdays bfp7701
1 Required To Work On Sundays bfp7702
1 Start Work Hour bfp7801
1 Start Work Minute bfp7802
1 Varying Start of Work bfp7803
1 Desired Weekly Work Hours bfp79
1 Working Days Per Week bfp8001
1 Days Per Week, Does Not Apply bfp8002
1 Contracted Working Hours bfp8101
1 Flexible Hours Of Work Hours bfp8102
1 Hours Per Week Actual bfp82
1 Mini- Job, Midi- Job bfp83
1 Parental Part-Time bfp84
1 2. Place Of Residence During Work Week bfp85
1 Distance 1. Residence to Work bfp86
1 Frequency Commuting bfp87
1 Distance to Place of Work (km) bfp8801
1 Does Not Apply bfp8802
1 Time to Commute bfp89
1 Gainful Employment In Previous Year bfp90
1 Changes Labor Intensity bfp91
1 2014 Changes Tools And Technologies in Job bfp92
1 Influence Health Risk in 2 Years bfp9301
1 Influence Work Productivity in 2 Years bfp9302
1 Influence Qualification in 2 Years bfp9303
1 Influence Work Performance in 2 Years bfp9304
1 Influence Risk Losing Job in 2 Years bfp9305
1 Entitled to Paid Breaks bfp94
1 Minutes Paid Breaks bfp95
1 Usage Paid Breaks (Minutes) bfp9601
1 Do Not Take Paid Breaks bfp9602
1 Work Overtime bfp97
1 Overtime Time In Lieu bfp9801
1 Time Limit On Time In Lieu bfp9802
1 Overtime Last Month bfp9901
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month bfp9902
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Compensated bfp10001
1 Number of Hours Compensated Overtime bfp10002
1 Financial Compensation for Overtime bfp10101
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Paid For bfp10102
1 Gross Income Last Month bfp10201
1 Net Income Last Month bfp10202
1 Tariff Standard in Earnings bfp103
1 Collective Wage Agreement Minimum Wage bfp10401
1 Minimum Wage EUR bfp10402
1 Minimum Wage Cent bfp10403
1 Fixed Minimum Wage Prev. Yr. bfp10501
1 Minimum Wage Pr. Yr. EUR bfp10502
1 Minimum Wage Pr. Yr. Cents bfp10503
1 Shift Premium/ Late or Weekend Work Bonus bfp10601
1 overtime premium bfp10602
1 Bonus For Work Under Difficult Conditions bfp10603
1 Additional Regular Payment bfp10604
1 Tips bfp10605
1 Other Additional Payments bfp10606
1 No Additional Payments bfp10607
1 Benefits From Employer: Meal Stipend bfp10701
1 Benefits From Employer: Company car bfp10702
1 Benefits From Employer: Cell Phone bfp10703
1 Benefits From Employer: Expense Payments bfp10704
1 Benefits From Employer: Personal Computer bfp10705
1 Benefits From Employer: Other Benefits bfp10706
1 Benefits From Employer: None bfp10707
1 Job In Old, New Federal States, Abroad bfp108
1 Family Members Helps Out bfp10901
1 Regular Second Job bfp10902
1 Odd Jobs For Pay bfp10903
1 None Of These bfp10904
1 Second Job, Days Per Month bfp111
1 Hours/Week Second Job bfp112
1 Second Job, Gross Income last Month bfp113
1 Wages, Salary Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114a01
1 Mths Of Wages,Salary Prev. Yr bfp114a02
1 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bfp114a03
1 Net Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bfp114a04
1 Wages/Salary Last Month bfp114a01m
1 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114b01
1 Mths Of Self-Employment Income Prev. Yr bfp114b02
1 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bfp114b03
1 Net Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bfp114b04
1 Income Self-Employment Last Month bfp114b01m
1 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114c01
1 Mths Of Second Job Income Prev. Yr bfp114c02
1 Gross Amount Second Job Income Prev. Yr bfp114c03
1 Income Second Job Last Month bfp114c01m
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114d01
1 Mths Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension Prev. Yr bfp114d02
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension bfp114d01m
1 Gross Amt. Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension,Mo bfp114d03m
1 Widow-Er, Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bfp114e01
1 Mths Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Prev. Yr bfp114e02
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit bfp114e01m
1 Gross Amt Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit,Mo bfp114e03m
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bfp114h01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bfp114h02
1 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bfp114h03
1 Unemployment Benefit bfp114h01m
1 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Benefit,Mo bfp114h03m
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bfp114q01
1 Mths Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bfp114q02
1 Unemployment Benefit II, Social Subsidy bfp114q01m
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bfp114k01
1 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr bfp114k02
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit bfp114k03
1 Maternity Benefit bfp114k01m
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit bfp114k03m
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114l01
1 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr bfp114l02
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant bfp114l03
1 Student Grant bfp114l01m
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo bfp114l03m
1 Child Support/ Caregiver Alimony 2014 bfp114u01
1 Child Support/ Caregiver Alimony Months 2014 bfp114u02
1 Child Support/ Caregiver Alimony Gross Amt/Month 2014 bfp114u03
1 Child support bfp114u01m
1 Gross amount child support, Mo. bfp114u03m
1 Divorce Alimony/During Separation 2014 bfp114v01
1 Divorce Alimony/During Separation Months 2014 bfp114v02
1 Divorce Alimony/During Separation Gross/Month 2014 bfp114v03
1 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner bfp114v01m
1 Gross Amt. Alimony, C Support Ex-Partner bfp114v03m
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bfp114t01
1 months alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bfp114t02
1 gross amount alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Year bfp114t03
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund bfp114t01m
1 Advance Maintenance Payment from Child Maintenance Funds bfp114t03m
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp114o01
1 Mths Of Income-Persons Not In HH Prev. Yr bfp114o02
1 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH bfp114o03
1 Income From Persons Not In Household bfp114o01m
1 Gross Amt. Income-Persons Not In HH,Mo bfp114o03m
1 None Of These Income Types In Prev. Yr bfp114p01
1 No Other Income Besides Earned Income bfp114p01m
1 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bfp11501
1 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bfp11502
1 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bfp11503
1 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bfp11504
1 Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11505
1 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11506
1 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11507
1 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11508
1 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11509
1 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bfp11510
1 Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bfp11511
1 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bfp11512
1 No Bonuses,Perks Prev. Yr bfp11513
1 Bonus to cover travel expenses (public transport) bfp11601
1 Amt. of bonus to cover travel expenses (public transport EUR) bfp11602
1 Amt. Pension payments (EUR) bfp11701
1 Amt. Widow's Pension (compulsory EUR) bfp11702
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self bfp11703
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent bfp11704
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self bfp11705
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent bfp11706
1 Amt. Company Pension-Self bfp11707
1 Amt. Company Pension-Dependent bfp11708
1 Gross Amt. Riester Pension Plan per Month 2014 bfp11709
1 Gross Amt. Riester Widows/Orphan Pension per Month 2014 bfp11710
1 Amt. Private Pension-Self bfp11711
1 Amt. Private Pension-Dependent bfp11712
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self bfp11713
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Dependent bfp11714
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self bfp11715
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Dependent bfp11716
1 Amt. Other Pension-Self bfp11717
1 Amt. Other Pension-Dependent bfp11718
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension, Total Item Nonresponse bfp11721
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit, Total Item Nonresponse bfp11722
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11801
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11802
1 Mini-Job Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11803
1 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11804
1 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11805
1 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11806
1 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11807
1 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11808
1 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11809
1 Military,Community Srvce, Voluntary Social bfp11810
1 Military,Comm Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bfp11811
1 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11812
1 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bfp11813
1 Employed 10/14 bfp119
1 Entitled to Paid Breaks 10/14 bfp120
1 Minutes Paid Breaks per Day 10/2014 bfp121
1 Usage Minutes Paid Breaks 10/14 bfp12201
1 None bfp12202
1 Working Hours per Week in Contract 10/14 bfp12301
1 Flexible Hours Of Work Per Week bfp12302
1 Actual Working Hours incl. Overtime 10/14 bfp124
1 Financial Compensation Overtime 10/14 bfp12501
1 Hours Compensated 10/14 bfp12502
1 Gross Income 10/14 bfp12601
1 Net Income 10/14 bfp12602
1 Current Health bfp127
1 Hours of Sleep, Working Week bfp12801
1 Hours Of Sleep, Weekend bfp12802
1 Sleep Disturbances bfp12901
1 Diabetes bfp12902
1 asthma bfp12903
1 Cardiopathy bfp12904
1 Cancer bfp12905
1 Apoplectic Stroke bfp12906
1 Migraine bfp12907
1 High Blood Presure bfp12908
1 Depressive Psychosis bfp12909
1 Dementia bfp12910
1 Joint Diseases (Rheumatism, Arthritis) bfp12911
1 Chronic Back Complaints bfp12912
1 Other Illness bfp12913
1 No Illness bfp12914
1 Limits Everyday Life bfp13001
1 Health Problems Mote Tham 6 Months bfp13002
1 Severely Disabled bfp13101
1 Legally Handicapped, Reduced Employment bfp13102
1 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity bfp132
1 Number Of Visits To Doctor (last three months) bfp13301
1 No Visits To Doctor (last three months) bfp13302
1 hospital stay oner or more nights Prev. Yr. bfp134
1 number of nights in hospital Prev. Yr. bfp13501
1 Hospital Stay Total Prev. Yr. bfp13502
1 Out Sick More Than Six Wks. bfp136
1 Days Off Work Sick Prev. Yr. bfp13701
1 Number Of Days Off Work Sick bfp13702
1 no days off work child sick bfp13801
1 number of days off work child sick bfp13802
1 Yes, Care for Relatives bfp13803
1 Numbers of Days Off work Care bfp13804
1 days off work due to other reasons bfp13805
1 number of days off work due to other reasons bfp13806
1 no days absent because of personal reasons bfp13807
1 Changed Health Insurance Provider Prev. Yr. bfp139
1 Type Of Health Insurance bfp140
1 Health Insurance Provider bfp141
1 Insurance Status bfp142
1 Political Interests bfp143
1 Supports Political Party bfp144
1 Political Party Supported bfp14501
1 Amount of Support for Political Party bfp14502
1 Worried About Economic Development bfp14601
1 Worried About Finances bfp14602
1 Worried About Own Retirement Pension bfp14603
1 Worried About Own Health bfp14604
1 Worried About Environment bfp14605
1 worried about consequences from climate change bfp14606
1 Worried About Peace bfp14607
1 worried about crime in germany bfp14608
1 Worried About Social Cohesion in Society bfp14609
1 Worried About Immigration To Germany bfp14610
1 Worried About Hostility To Foreigners bfp14611
1 Worried About Job Security bfp14612
1 Other Worries bfp14613
1 Marital Status bfp147
1 Currently Have Steady Partner bfp148
1 Partner Lives In Household bfp149
1 Serial Number Of Partner (PNR) bfp15002
1 Decision What to Do with Income bfp151
1 Last Word financial Decisions bfp152
1 Both Parents German Native Language bfp153
1 Speaking German bfp15401
1 Writing German bfp15402
1 Reading German bfp15403
1 Parents Speaking German bfp15404
1 Parents Writing German bfp15405
1 Parents Reading German bfp15406
1 Language Used With Family Members bfp15501
1 Language Used With Friends bfp15502
1 Language Used at Workplace bfp15503
1 Visited People of German Origin in Their Home Last 12 Months bfp15601
1 Visited People Not From Germany / whose Parents Not From Germany Last 12 Months bfp15602
1 People of German Origin Visited Me in Last 12 Months bfp15701
1 People Not From Germany Visited Me in Last 12 Months bfp15702
1 German Nationality bfp158
1 2. Nationality bfp15901
1 Country of 2. Nationality bfp15903
1 German Nationality Since When bfp160
1 Both Parents Born In Germany bfp161
1 Nationality bfp16202
1 Stay in Germany bfp163
1 How Long Stay in Germany bfp16401
1 Years bfp16402
1 Do Not Know bfp16403
1 Discriminated Because of Ethnic Origins Last 24 Months bfp165
1 Last 2 Years: Looking For Residence bfp16601
1 Looking for Residence: Discrimination bfp16602
1 Last 2 Years: Looking for Training bfp16603
1 Looking for Training: Discrimination bfp16604
1 Last 2 Year: Government Offices bfp16605
1 Government Offices: Discrimination bfp16606
1 Last 2 Year: Contact With Police bfp16607
1 Contact Police: Discrimination bfp16608
1 Last 2 Years: Attend School bfp16609
1 School: Discrimination bfp16610
1 Last 2 Years: Job bfp16611
1 Job: Discrimination bfp16612
1 Last 2 Years: Everyday Life bfp16613
1 Church or Religious Community bfp167
1 Trade Union Member bfp16801
1 Member Professional Association bfp16802
1 Member Works, Staff Council bfp16803
1 Member of Club or Similar Organisation bfp16804
1 Riester-Pension bfp16901
1 Ruerup-Pension bfp16902
1 No Contract Concluded bfp16903
1 Donation 2014 bfp17001
1 Money Donated EUR bfp17002
1 Blood Donation Last 5 Years bfp17101
1 Blood Donation 2014 bfp17102
1 Medical Reasons No Blood Donation bfp17103
1 Payments To Parents,-Inlaw Previous Yr bfp17201
1 Amount Of Pay To Parents,-Inlaw Pr Yr bfp17202
1 Parents Live In Germany bfp17203
1 Parents Live In Foreign Country bfp17204
1 Payments To Children Previous Yr bfp17205
1 Amount Of Payments To Children Prev. Yr bfp17206
1 Children Live In Germany bfp17207
1 Children Live In Foreign Country bfp17208
1 Payments To Spouse Previous Yr bfp17209
1 Amount Of Payments To Spouse Prev. Yr bfp17210
1 Spouse Lives In Germany bfp17211
1 Spouse Lives In Foreign Country bfp17212
1 Payments To Relatives Previous Yr bfp17213
1 Amt. Of Payments To Relatives Prev. Yr bfp17214
1 Relatives Live In Germany bfp17215
1 Relatives Live In Foreign Country bfp17216
1 Payments To Others Previous Yr bfp17217
1 Amount Of Payments To Others Prev. Yr bfp17218
1 Others Live In Germany bfp17219
1 Others Live In Foreign Country bfp17220
1 No Payments Previous Yr bfp17221
1 Got Together with a New Partner bfp17301
1 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Present Year bfp17302
1 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Last Year bfp17303
1 Moved In Together bfp17304
1 Month Moved In Together Present Year bfp17305
1 Month Moved In Together Present Year bfp17306
1 Married bfp17307
1 Month Married Survey Year bfp17308
1 Month Married Previous Year bfp17309
1 Child Born bfp17310
1 Month Child Born Survey Year bfp17311
1 Month Child Born Previous Year bfp17312
1 Child Moved In bfp17313
1 Child Moved In Previous Year bfp17314
1 Month Child Moved In Previous Year bfp17315
1 Child Moved Out bfp17316
1 Child Moved Out Survey Year bfp17317
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year bfp17318
1 Separated From Partner bfp17319
1 Month Separated Survey Year bfp17320
1 Month Separated Previous Year bfp17321
1 Divorced bfp17322
1 Month Divorced Survey Year bfp17323
1 Month Divorced Previous Year bfp17324
1 Partner Died bfp17325
1 Month Partner Died Survey Year bfp17326
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year bfp17327
1 Father Died bfp17328
1 Father Died Survey Year bfp17329
1 Father Died Previous Year bfp17330
1 Mother Died bfp17331
1 Mother Died Survey Year bfp17332
1 Mother Died Previous Year bfp17333
1 Child Died bfp17334
1 Month Child Died Survey Year bfp17335
1 Month Child Died Previous Year bfp17336
1 Person Living in HH Died bfp17337
1 Month Person Living in HH Died Survey Year bfp17338
1 Month Person Living In HH Died Prev. Year bfp17339
1 Other HH Comp Change bfp17340
1 Other Change in HH Composition Month, Survey Year bfp17341
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr bfp17342
1 No Change In HH Composition bfp17343
1 Satisfaction With Life at Present bfp174
1 Day Of Interview bfptagin
1 Month Of Interview bfpmonin
1 End of Interview (Hour) bfpdatst
1 End of Interview (Minute) bfpdatmi
1 Survey Instrument bfpinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bfpdauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview bfpdauer2
1 highest person number in hh bfhpmax
1 Contracted Weekly Working Time bfp_zaz08
1 Actual Weekly Working Hours bfp_zaz10
1 Gross Earning Prev. Months, Non-response bfp_zbrut
1 Net Earnings, Non-Response bfp_znett
1 Income 2014 Last Month Non-Response bfp_zvek
1 Salary/Earnings 2014 Non-Response bfp_zvek01
1 Income Self-employment 2014 Non-Response bfp_zvek02
1 13th Month Pay 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus01
1 14th Month Pay 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus02
1 Christmas Bonus 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus03
1 Vacation Bonus 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus04
1 Profit-Share 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus05
1 Other Bonuses 2014 Non-Response bfp_zzus06
1 German Pension Insurance 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar1
1 Civil Service Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar2
1 Supplementary Insurance 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar5
1 Occupational Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar6
1 Riester Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar9
1 Private Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar7
1 Accident Insurance 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar4
1 Compensation for War Victims 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar3
1 Other Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zar8
1 German Widows/Orphan Pension Insurance 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr1
1 Civil Service Widow/Orphan Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr2
1 Widows/Orphan Supplementary Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr5
1 Widow/Orphan Occupational Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr6
1 Riester Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr9
1 Private Widows/Orphan Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr7
1 Widows/Orphan Accident Insurance Pension 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr4
1 Widows/Orphan Compensation for War Victims 2014 Non-Response bfp_zwr3
1 Other Widow/Orphan Pension bfp_zwr8
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 College Degree (Type Destatis) bfp2103_degree
1 Primary Field Of Study In College bfp2103_field
1 Vocational Training / Education Degree Prev. Yr. (KldB92) bfp2104_train
1 Vocational Training / Education Degree Prev. Yr. (KldB2010) bfp2104_train_kldb2010
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB92) bfp52_kldb92
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB2010) bfp52_kldb2010
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-88 Com) bfp52_isco88
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-08) bfp52_isco08
1 2 Digit NACE Industry, Sector bfp55_nace
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (ISCO-88 Com) bfp110_isco88
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (KldB92) bfp110_kldb92
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (ISCO-08) bfp110_isco08
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (KldB2010) bfp110_kldb2010


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: bfp

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