anchor’s residences as of wave 1 (prospective; separate cities only)


Sort Variable Name
1 Personennummer Anker id
1 DemoDiff Stichprobe demodiff
1 Birth cohort cohort
1 Date of birth dob
1 Generated sex anchor sex_gen
1 Survey year wave1 wave1
1 Survey year wave2 wave2
1 Survey year wave3 wave3
1 Survey year wave4 wave4
1 Survey year wave5 wave5
1 Survey year wave6 wave6
1 Survey year wave7 wave7
1 Survey year wave8 wave8
1 Respondent wave2 respw2
1 Respondent wave3 respw3
1 Respondent wave4 respw4
1 Respondent wave5 respw5
1 Respondent wave6 respw6
1 Respondent wave7 respw7
1 Respondent wave8 respw8
1 Date of interview wave1 intdatw1
1 Date of interview wave2 intdatw2
1 Date of interview wave3 intdatw3
1 Date of interview wave4 intdatw4
1 Date of interview wave5 intdatw5
1 Date of interview wave6 intdatw6
1 Date of interview wave7 intdatw7
1 Date of interview wave8 intdatw8
1 City place mentioned residplace
1 Beginning of episode resbeg
1 End of episode resend
1 Censor rescensor
1 Identification number city resnumber
1 Main or secondary residence resid
1 Federal state (Bundesland) resland
1 Index main residences index_mr
1 Index secondary residences index_sr
1 Current place of residence in wave1 rescurrw1
1 Current place of residence in wave2 rescurrw2
1 Current place of residence in wave3 rescurrw3
1 Current place of residence in wave4 rescurrw4
1 Current place of residence in wave5 rescurrw5
1 Current place of residence in wave6 rescurrw6
1 Current place of residence in wave7 rescurrw7
1 Current place of residence in wave8 rescurrw8
1 Distance between consecutive residences (in km) resdis
1 BIK classification resbik
1 Main residence unkonwn resflag1
1 Secondary residence unkonwn resflag2
1 Filter error/Incorrect entry resflag3


Study: pairfam


Dataset: biomob_ehc

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