partner data, wave 5 (2012/13)


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1 Person number anchor id
1 Identification number partner pid
1 Survey year wave
1 DemoDiff sample demodiff
1 Parents and children should support each other mutually for a lifetime (Qu. 1) pval1i1
1 Women should be more concerned about family than about career (Qu. 1) pval1i3
1 Men should participate in housework to the same extent as women (Qu. 1) pval1i4
1 A child aged under 6 will suffer from having a working mother (Qu. 1) pval1i5
1 Children often suffer because fathers spend too much time at work (Qu. 1) pval1i6
1 Marriage is a lifelong union which should not be broken (Qu. 1) pval1i7
1 You should get married if you permanently live with your partner (Qu. 1) pval1i2
1 Couples should marry at the latest after a child is born (Qu. 1) pval1i8
1 Satisfaction with school, education, career (Qu. 2) psat1i1
1 Satisfaction with leisure activities, hobbies, interests (Qu. 2) psat1i2
1 Satisfaction with friends, social contacts (Qu. 2) psat1i3
1 Satisfaction with family (Qu. 2) psat1i4
1 Importance pursuing my education or career interests (Qu. 3) psrs1i1
1 Importance pursuing my hobbies and interests (Qu. 3) psrs1i2
1 Importance keeping in touch with friends (Qu. 3) psrs1i3
1 Importance living in a partnership (Qu. 3) psrs1i4
1 Importance having a(nother) child (Qu. 3) psrs1i5
1 VOP+: Undertake activities with partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i1
1 VOP+: Support from partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i2
1 VOP+: Increased social status because of partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i3
1 VOP+: Financial advantages in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i4
1 VOP+: Affection and feeling of safety in relationship (Qu. 4) pbce1i5
1 VOP+: Pursue own interests in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i12
1 VOP-: Stress in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i7
1 VOP-: Becoming boring or routine (Qu. 4) pbce1i8
1 VOP-: Family and friends rejecting/disliking partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i9
1 VOP-: Being constrained by partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i10
1 VOP-: Lovesickness and relationship problems (Qu. 4) pbce1i11
1 Satisfaction with relationship (Qu. 5) psat3
1 Estimation of partner's satisfaction with relationship (Qu. 6) psat4
1 Common household planned within next 12 months (Qu. 7) ppa9
1 Marriage planned within next 12 months (Qu. 8) ppa11
1 Seriously considered having children (Qu. 9) ppa13
1 Division of labor: Housework (Qu. 10) ppa14i1
1 Division of labor: Shopping (Qu. 10) ppa14i2
1 Division of labor: Home and auto repairs (Qu. 10) ppa14i3
1 Division of labor: Financial and administrative matters (Qu.10) ppa14i4
1 Division of labor: Taking care of the children (Qu. 10) ppa14i5
1 Indicated fairness of division of labor (Qu. 11) ppa15
1 I would like for our partnership to last for a long time (Qu. 12) ppa19i1
1 If giving up sth./giving in, important that partner shows gratitude (Qu. 12) ppa19i3
1 In case of serious problems, I can imagine separating (Qu. 12) ppa19i5
1 If partnership no longer makes us happy, separation is only way out (Qu. 12) ppa19i6
1 When I do partner a favor, I expect sth. in return (Qu. 12) ppa19i7
1 I'm counting on a long-term future together with partner (Qu. 12) ppa19i8
1 Self assessment: Let partner know that I understand him/her (Qu. 13) ppa16i1
1 Self assessment: Listen, give chance to express himself/herself (Qu. 13) ppa16i2
1 Self assessment: Support partner when he/she has a problem (Qu. 13) ppa16i3
1 Assessment of partner: Lets me know that he/she understands me(Qu. 13) ppa16i4
1 Assessment of partner: Listens, gives chance to express myself (Qu. 13) ppa16i5
1 Assessment of Partner: Supports me when I have a problem (Qu. 13) ppa16i6
1 Disagree with partner: Spending leisure time (Qu. 14) ppa21i1
1 Disagree with partner: Division of chores (Qu. 14) ppa21i2
1 Disagree with partner: Financial matters (Qu. 14) ppa21i3
1 Disagree with partner: Involvement in career/education/school (Qu. 14) ppa21i4
1 Disagree with partner: Dealing with each other (Qu. 14) ppa21i5
1 Disagree with partner: Parenting (Qu. 14) ppa21i6
1 Assessment of partner: Insulted or verbally abused you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi1
1 Self-assessment: Insulted or verbally abused partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri1
1 Assessment of partner: Remained silent (Qu. 15) ppa22pi2
1 Self-assessment: Remained silent (Qu. 15) ppa22ri2
1 Assessment of partner: Yelled at you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi3
1 Self-assessment: Yelled at partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri3
1 Assessment of partner: Listened and asked questions to understand (Qu. 15) ppa22pi4
1 Self-assessment: Listened and asked questions to understand (Qu. 15) ppa22ri4
1 Assessment of partner: Refused to talk about the subject (Qu. 15) ppa22pi5
1 Self-assessment: Refused to talk about the subject (Qu. 15) ppa22ri5
1 Assessment of partner: Felt instantly insulted (Qu. 15) ppa22pi6
1 Self-assessment: Felt instantly insulted (Qu. 15) ppa22ri6
1 Assessment of partner: Blamed or made him/her feel guilty (Qu. 15) ppa22pi7
1 Self-assessment: Blamed or made him/her feel guilty (Qu. 15) ppa22ri7
1 Assessment of partner: Endeavored to clarify position to you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi8
1 Self-assessment: Endeavored clarify position to partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri8
1 Frequency: Telling partner what you are thinking (Qu. 16) ppa17i1
1 Frequency: Partner expresses recognition for what you've done (Qu. 16) ppa17i2
1 Frequency: Partner makes you do things his/her way (Qu. 16) ppa17i3
1 Frequency: Annoyed or angry with each other (Qu. 16) ppa17i4
1 Frequency: Partner shows that he/she appreciates you (Qu. 16) ppa17i5
1 Frequency: Disagree and quarrel (Qu. 16) ppa17i6
1 Frequency: Partner gets his/her way when you can't agree (Qu. 16) ppa17i7
1 Frequency: Sharing secrets and private feelings with partner (Qu. 16) ppa17i8
1 Partner finds it all right if I stand up for my own interests (Qu. 17) ppa18i1
1 Sometimes I'm afraid that partner would rather spend time with others (Qu. 17) ppa18i2
1 When we have problems, partner only thinks about his/her needs(Qu. 17) ppa18i3
1 Partner clings to me so much that I feel like I'm suffocating (Qu. 17) ppa18i4
1 I can contribute much to make us do well in our partnership (Qu. 17) ppa18i19
1 I can settle my personal matters by myself without conflicts (Qu. 17) ppa18i6
1 I have the feeling that I like partner more than he/she likes me (Qu. 17) ppa18i7
1 If I address a problem, it annoys him/her and makes him/her angry (Qu. 17) ppa18i8
1 I can meet the needs of my partner very well (Qu. 17) ppa18i9
1 Sometimes not sure if partner enjoys being with me as much as I (Qu. 17) ppa18i10
1 I can usually do what I want (Qu. 17) ppa18i11
1 Afraid partner could think I'm silly/stupid if I make a mistake (Qu. 17) ppa18i12
1 If I wanted change, partner would not take my concerns seriously (Qu. 17) ppa18i13
1 Partner clings to me so tightly that I can't do what I want (Qu. 17) ppa18i14
1 When I disappoint/annoy partner, I'm afraid he/she won't like me (Qu. 17) ppa18i15
1 I can follow own interests without partner getting upset (Qu. 17) ppa18i16
1 If I set goals in my partnership I can reach them (Qu. 17) ppa18i17
1 Partner can fulfill my needs very well (Qu. 17) ppa18i18
1 Thought partnership/marriage in serious trouble (during past year) (Qu. 18) ppa26
1 Seriously considered separation/divorce (during past year) (Qu. 19) ppa27
1 Seriously propose separation/divorce (during past year) (Qu. 20) ppa28
1 Contraception used past 3 months (Qu. 21) psex5
1 Contraception: Birth control pill, mini pill (Qu. 22) psex6i1
1 Contraception: Condom (Qu. 22) psex6i2
1 Contraception: Hormone preparations (Qu. 22) psex6i3
1 Contraception: Intrauterine device (IUD) (Qu. 22) psex6i4
1 Contraception: Diaphragm, foam, suppository, gel (Qu. 22) psex6i5
1 Contraception: Natural birth control (Qu. 22) psex6i6
1 Contraception: Hysterectomy (female sterilization) (Qu. 22) psex6i7
1 Contraception: Vasectomy (male sterilization) (Qu. 22) psex6i8
1 Contraception: Withdrawal method, Coitus interruptus (Qu. 22) psex6i9
1 Contraception: The morning-after pill (Qu. 22) psex6i10
1 Contraception: Something else (Qu. 22) psex6i11
1 How consistently used contraception? (Qu. 23) psex7
1 Satisfaction with sex life (Qu. 24) psat5
1 Self-assessment: Possible to procreate by natural means (Qu. 25) pfrt1
1 Ideal circumstances: Number of children (Qu. 26) pfrt5
1 Additional children realistic? (Qu. 27) pfrt27
1 Realistical number of further biological or adopted children (Qu. 27) pfrt28
1 Intention to become mother/father within next 2 years (Qu. 28) pfrt7
1 Age realistically when having first/next child (Qu. 29) pfrt9
1 Tried to conceive a child/get pregnant last 12 months (Qu. 30) pfrt3
1 Willingness to cut back: School, education, career (Qu. 31) pfrt12i1
1 Willingness to cut back: Leisure time act., hobbies, interests (Qu. 31) pfrt12i2
1 Willingness to cut back: Friends, social contacts (Qu. 31) pfrt12i3
1 Willingness to cut back: Partnership (Qu. 31) pfrt12i4
1 Effect of being parent on school, education, career (Qu. 32) pfrt25i1
1 Effect of being parent on leisure time act., hobbies, interests (Qu. 32) pfrt25i2
1 Effect of being parent on friends, social contacts (Qu. 32) pfrt25i3
1 Effect of being parent on partnership (Qu. 32) pfrt25i4
1 Usually willing to sacrifice own desires for my child(ren)'s desires (Qu. 33) pcrn32i1
1 Feeling as a parent: Partner supports me with child care (Qu. 33) pcrn20i5
1 I would put up with anything for the good of my child(ren) (Qu. 33) pcrn32i2
1 Feeling as a parent: I feel recognised in my role by partner(Qu. 33) pcrn20i6
1 Often, I leave everything else aside in order to support my child(ren) (Qu. 33) pcrn32i3
1 Leisure time: Go to coffee stores, bars, restaurants (Qu. 34) plsr1i1
1 Leisure time: Do sports (Qu. 34) plsr1i2
1 Leisure time: Go to a disco (Qu. 34) plsr1i3
1 Leisure time: Meet with friends (Qu. 34) plsr1i4
1 Hours watched TV past week (Qu. 34) plsr2
1 Hours spent on personal Internet use past week (Qu. 34) plsr3
1 Weeks on vacation trips past year (Qu. 34) plsr4
1 Mother still living? (Qu. 35) pigr22
1 Father still living? (Qu. 35) pigr25
1 Frequency of contact with mother? (Qu. 36) pigr39p1
1 Frequency of contact with father? (Qu. 36) pigr39p3
1 Emotional closeness with mother today? (Qu. 37) pigr40p1
1 Emotional closeness with father today? (Qu. 38) pigr40p3
1 Timely distance to mother's dwelling? (Qu. 39) pigr41p1
1 Timely distance to father's dwelling? (Qu. 39) pigr41p3
1 Frequency: You tell your mother what you are thinking (Qu. 40) pigr42p1
1 Frequency: You tell your father what you are thinking (Qu. 40) pigr42p3
1 Frequency: You and mother annoyed/angry with each other (Qu. 41) pigr45p1
1 Frequency: You and father annoyed/angry with each other (Qu. 41) pigr45p3
1 Frequency: You and your mother disagree and quarrel (Qu. 42) pigr47p1
1 Frequency: You and your father disagree and quarrel (Qu. 42) pigr47p3
1 Frequency: You share with mother secrets/private feelings (Qu. 43) pigr49p1
1 Frequency: You share with father secrets/private feelings (Qu. 43) pigr49p3
1 Day of birth (Qu. 44) pdobd
1 Month of birth (Qu. 44) pdobm
1 Year of birth (Qu. 44) pdoby
1 Sex (Qu. 45) psex
1 Current marital status (Qu. 46) psd10
1 Highest level of education attained (Qu. 47) psd27
1 Other level of education attained, open entry (Qu. 47) psd27o
1 Currently: General secondary school (first education) (Qu. 48) psd23i1
1 Currently: Evening school, adult education (Qu. 48) psd23i2
1 Currently: Vocational training (Qu. 48) psd23i3
1 Currently: Vocational retraining/further education (Qu. 48) psd23i4
1 Currently: University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie) (Qu. 48) psd23i5
1 Currently: University of applied science, College, university (Qu. 48) psd23i6
1 Currently: Pre-vocational training (Qu. 48) psd23i7
1 Currently: Technical/professional school (Qu. 48) psd23i8
1 Currently: Other education (Qu. 48) psd23i9
1 Currently: Full-time employment (Qu. 48) psd23i10
1 Currently: Self-employment (Qu. 48) psd23i11
1 Currently: Part-time employment (also multiple part-time jobs) (Qu. 48) psd23i12
1 Currently: Internships, traineeship, voluntary service (Qu. 48) psd23i13
1 NA psd23i14
1 Currently: Occasional or irregular employment (Qu. 48) psd23i15
1 Currently: Other type of employment (Qu. 48) psd23i16
1 Currently: Maternity/paternity leave, leave of absence f. childcare (Qu. 48) psd23i17
1 Currently: Voluntary Social Service (Qu. 48) psd23i18
1 Currently: Unemployed, seeking employment (Qu. 48) psd23i19
1 Currently: Housewife/househusband (Qu. 48) psd23i20
1 Currently: Early retirement, retirement, occupational disability (Qu. 48) psd23i21
1 Currently: Other type of unemployment (Qu. 48) psd23i22
1 Current occupational status (Qu. 49) pjob2
1 Gross income last month (Qu. 50) pinc1
1 Net income last month (Qu. 51) pinc2
1 Net income categories (Qu. 52) pinc21
1 Health status past 4 weeks (Qu. 53) phlt1
1 Ever smoked in life (at least 100 cigarettes/other tobacco products) (Qu. 54a) phlt8
1 Age when first started regularly smoking (Qu. 54b) phlt9
1 Smoking now (Qu. 54c) phlt10
1 Number of cigarettes smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i1
1 Number of pipes smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i2
1 Number of cigars/cigarillos smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i3
1 Month when stopped smoking (Qu. 54e) phlt12m
1 Year when stopped smoking (Qu. 54e) phlt12y
1 How often usually drinking alcohol (Qu. 55a) phlt14
1 How often more than 5 alcoholic drinks at once in last 4 weeks (Qu. 55b) phlt13
1 Body height in cm (Qu. 56) phlt3
1 Weight in kg (Qu. 57) phlt4
1 Hours of sleep per night during working week (Qu. 58) phlt7
1 Structure of household: My child/my children (Qu. 59) psd100i1
1 Structure of household: Number of children (Qu. 59) psd101i1
1 Structure of household: Parents/Step-parents (Qu. 59) psd100i2
1 Structure of household: Number of Parents/Step-parents (Qu. 59) psd101i2
1 Structure of household: Siblings (Qu. 59) psd100i3
1 Structure of household: Number of Siblings (Qu. 59) psd101i3
1 Structure of household: Grand-parents (Qu. 59) psd100i4
1 Structure of household: Number of Grand-parents (Qu. 59) psd101i4
1 Structure of household: Other relatives (Qu. 59) psd100i5
1 Structure of household: Number of Other relatives (Qu. 59) psd101i5
1 Structure of household: Friends (Qu. 59) psd100i6
1 Structure of household: Number of Friends (Qu. 59) psd101i6
1 Structure of household: Room- or housemate (Qu. 59) psd100i7
1 Structure of household: Number of Room-/Housemates (Qu. 59) psd101i7
1 Structure of household: Living alone (Qu. 59) psd100i8
1 I often agree with others, even if I'm not sure (Qu. 60) pper1i1
1 Sometimes I believe that I'm worthless (Qu. 60) pper1i2
1 I become angry very quickly (Qu. 60) pper1i3
1 I feel inhibited in the presence of others (Qu. 60) pper1i4
1 I often change my mind after hearing what others think (Qu. 60) pper1i5
1 I feel lonely (Qu. 60) pper1i6
1 I like myself just the way I am (Qu. 60) pper1i7
1 I work myself up into a quarrel easily (Qu. 60) pper1i8
1 I feel shy in the presence of others (Qu. 60) pper1i9
1 I strongly tend to follow the wishes of others (Qu. 60) pper1i10
1 When others irritate me, I get angry very quickly (Qu. 60) pper1i11
1 I approach other people easily (Qu. 60) pper1i12
1 All in all, I am pleased with myself (Qu. 60) pper1i13
1 My mood is melancholy (Qu. 61) pper2i1
1 I am happy (Qu. 61) pper2i2
1 I am depressed (Qu. 61) pper2i3
1 I am sad (Qu. 61) pper2i4
1 I am in desperation (Qu. 61) pper2i5
1 My mood is gloomy (Qu. 61) pper2i6
1 I feel good (Qu. 61) pper2i7
1 I feel secure (Qu. 61) pper2i8
1 I am calm and composed (Qu. 61) pper2i9
1 I enjoy life (Qu. 61) pper2i10
1 Life satisfaction (Qu. 62) psat6
1 Do you have children; biological or adopted (Qu. 63) psd9
1 Month of birth child 1 (Qu. 64) psd19k1m
1 Year of birth child 1 (Qu. 64) psd19k1y
1 Sex child 1 (Qu. 64) psd14k1g
1 Status child 1 (Qu. 64) psd15k1
1 Cohabitation with child 1 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k1
1 Month of birth child 2 (Qu. 64) psd19k2m
1 Year of birth child 2 (Qu. 64) psd19k2y
1 Sex child 2 (Qu. 64) psd14k2g
1 Status child 2 (Qu. 64) psd15k2
1 Cohabitation with child 2 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k2
1 Month of birth child 3 (Qu. 64) psd19k3m
1 Year of birth child 3 (Qu. 64) psd19k3y
1 Sex child 3 (Qu. 64) psd14k3g
1 Status child 3 (Qu. 64) psd15k3
1 Cohabitation with child 3 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k3
1 Month of birth child 4 (Qu. 64) psd19k4m
1 Year of birth child 4 (Qu. 64) psd19k4y
1 Sex child 4 (Qu. 64) psd14k4g
1 Status child 4 (Qu. 64) psd15k4
1 Cohabitation with child 4 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k4
1 Parenting goals: Eat healthy foods and get exercise (Qu. 65) pcrn19i1
1 Parenting goals: Be likeable and liked by others (Qu. 65) pcrn19i2
1 Parenting goals: Integrate into groups (Qu. 65) pcrn19i3
1 Parenting goals: Be respected by others, have a good standing (Qu. 65) pcrn19i4
1 Parenting goals: Be able to get one's way, to have a strong will (Qu. 65) pcrn19i5
1 Parenting goals: Accept rules and to be able to obey (Qu. 65) pcrn19i6
1 Parenting goals: Be independent and to do things autonomously (Qu. 65) pcrn19i7
1 Parenting goals: Be able to form one's own opinion (Qu. 65) pcrn19i8
1 Parenting goals: Achieve higher education (Qu. 65) pcrn19i9
1 Parenting goals: Be industrious (Qu. 65) pcrn19i10
1 Parenting goals: Be responsible (Qu. 65) pcrn19i11
1 Parenting goals: Learn how to conduct him/herself (Qu. 65) pcrn19i12
1 Handicapped or disable to work full time (Qu. 66) phlt5
1 To what extent handicapped? (Qu. 67) phlt6
1 Religious denomination (Qu. 68) psd30
1 Frequency of visits of church/mosque/synagogue/religious ceremonies (Qu. 69) psd31
1 Year of birth mother(Qu. 70) pigr1y
1 Year of birth father(Qu. 70) pigr2y
1 I am usually modest and reserved (Qu. 71) pper3i1
1 I tend to criticize others (Qu. 71) pper3i2
1 I complete my tasks thoroughly (Qu. 71) pper3i3
1 I easily become depressed or discouraged (Qu. 71) pper3i4
1 I am interested in many different kinds of things (Qu. 71) pper3i5
1 I get enthusiastic easily and can motivate others easily (Qu. 71) pper3i6
1 I trust others easily and believe that people are inherently good (Qu. 71) pper3i7
1 I make things comfortable for myself and tend to be lazy (Qu. 71) pper3i8
1 NA pper3i9
1 I am intellectual and like to contemplate things (Qu. 71) pper3i10
1 NA pper3i11
1 I can be cold and distanced in my behavior (Qu. 71) pper3i12
1 I am proficient and work quickly (Qu. 71) pper3i13
1 I worry a lot (Qu. 71) pper3i14
1 I am very imaginative (Qu. 71) pper3i15
1 I am extroverted (Qu. 71) pper3i16
1 I can be gruff and dismissive with others (Qu. 71) pper3i17
1 I make plans and carry them out (Qu. 71) pper3i18
1 I easily become nervous and insecure (Qu. 71) pper3i19
1 I appreciate artistic and aesthetic impressions (Qu. 71) pper3i20
1 I am hardly interested in art (Qu. 71) pper3i21
1 Day of interview (Qu. 72) pintd
1 Month of interview (Qu. 72) pintm
1 Year of interview (Qu. 72) pinty


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