Questionnaire: Early Youth, 12-13 years old


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Original Household Number hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bfhhnr
1 Never Changing Person Id persnr
1 Survey Year welle
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Person Number Surveyed bfpnr
1 Year Of Birth bfgebj
1 Month Of Birth bfgebm
1 understood test question scale bfscltest
1 nice to other people bfs0101
1 often restless, can not sit still bfs0102
1 often feel pain /aches bfs0103
1 like to share bfs0104
1 get angry easily bfs0105
1 most times alone bfs0106
1 I do what others say bfs0107
1 I often worry bfs0108
1 I am helpful bfs0109
1 I am fridgety bfs0110
1 I have good friends bfs0111
1 I often battle with others bfs0112
1 I can force others to do what I want bfs0113
1 I am often run-down, melancholy bfs0114
1 I am popular with peers bfs0115
1 I am easily distracted, lack of concentration bfs0116
1 I am nervous in new situations bfs0117
1 I am nice to younger children bfs0118
1 Others claim that I lie a lot bfs0119
1 I get teased or bullied by others bfs0120
1 I often help others bfs0121
1 I think about, before acting bfs0122
1 I take things that are not mine bfs0123
1 I better get along with adults than with children bfs0124
1 I have a lot of fears bfs0125
1 I can concentrate for a long period bfs0126
1 Current class level bfs02
1 number of students in class bfs03
1 number of students not german bfs0401
1 students not german bfs0402
1 tearchers call up on you seldomly bfs0501
1 teacher grades stricter bfs0502
1 teachers admonish you more often bfs0503
1 teachers think you are less clever bfs0504
1 Grade German bfs0601
1 Grade Maths bfs0602
1 Grade First Foreign Language bfs0603
1 No grades bfs0604
1 ideal school completition degree bfs07
1 importance school completition degree bfs08
1 Most Probable School Completition Degree bfs09
1 parent's interest in school bfs10
1 hour school begins monday bfs1101
1 minute school begins monday bfs1102
1 hour school begins tuesday bfs1103
1 minute school begins tuesday bfs1104
1 hour school begins wednesday bfs1105
1 minute school begins wednesday bfs1106
1 hour school begins thursday bfs1107
1 minute school begins thursday bfs1108
1 hour school begins friday bfs1109
1 minute school begins friday bfs1110
1 hour school begins saturday bfs1111
1 minute school begins saturday bfs1112
1 hour school ends monday bfs1113
1 minute school ends monday bfs1114
1 hour school ends tuesday bfs1115
1 minute school ends tuesday bfs1116
1 hour school ends wednesday bfs1117
1 minute school ends wednesday bfs1118
1 hour school ends thursday bfs1119
1 minute school ends thursday bfs1120
1 hour school ends friday bfs1121
1 minute school ends friday bfs1122
1 hour school ends saturday bfs1123
1 minute school ends saturday bfs1124
1 frequence school on saturdays bfs1125
1 after-school care during week bfs1201
1 after-school care weekend bfs1202
1 youth center during week bfs1203
1 youth center weekend bfs1204
1 sports club during week bfs1205
1 sports club weekend bfs1206
1 place of doing homework bfs13
1 time for doing homework bfs15
1 Help Mother bfs1126
1 Help Father bfs1127
1 Help Great Parents bfs1128
1 Help Siblings bfs1129
1 Help Friends/Classmates bfs1130
1 Help Tutor bfs1131
1 Help Homework Supervision bfs1132
1 Tv bfs1601
1 Playing Computer Games bfs1602
1 Social Networks bfs1603
1 Surfing the Internet bfs1604
1 Listen to Music bfs1605
1 playing music bfs1606
1 doing sports bfs1607
1 activities with family bfs1608
1 dancing, acting bfs1609
1 technical work bfs1610
1 painting bfs1611
1 reading bfs1612
1 doing nothing bfs1613
1 meet friends bfs1614
1 Mobile Phone bfs1615
1 share sms bfs1616
1 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bfs1617
1 youth group bfs1618
1 care for pet bfs1619
1 how many friends bfs17
1 Friend 1: ideal school completition degree bfs1801
1 Friend 2: ideal school completition degree bfs1802
1 Friend 3: ideal school completition degree bfs1803
1 Friend 1: place first met bfs1804
1 Friend 2: place first met bfs1805
1 Friend 3: place first met bfs1806
1 parents interfere bfs19
1 older siblings bfs20
1 sibling 1: school completition degree bfs2101
1 sibling 2: school completition degree bfs2102
1 sibling 3: school completition degree bfs2103
1 breakfast during week bfs2201
1 lunch during week bfs2202
1 dinner during week bfs2203
1 breakfast weekend bfs2204
1 lunch weekend bfs2205
1 dinner weekend bfs2206
1 height bfs23
1 weight bfs24
1 friends when worried bfs2501
1 siblings when worried bfs2502
1 mother when worried bfs2503
1 father when worried bfs2504
1 grandparents when worried bfs2505
1 help and support from friends bfs2506
1 help and support from siblings bfs2507
1 help and support from mother bfs2508
1 help and support from father bfs2509
1 help and support from grandparents bfs2510
1 get bullied by friends bfs2511
1 get bullied by siblings bfs2512
1 get bullied by mother bfs2513
1 get bullied by father bfs2514
1 get bullied by grandparents bfs2515
1 friends motivate for school bfs2516
1 siblings motivate for school bfs2517
1 mother motivates for school bfs2518
1 mother motivates for school bfs2519
1 grandparents motivate for school bfs2520
1 fight with friends bfs2521
1 fight with sblings bfs2522
1 fight with mother bfs2523
1 fight with father bfs2524
1 fight with grandparents bfs2525
1 Thorough worker bfs2601
1 I am communivative, talkative bfs2602
1 I am sometimes coarse with others bfs2603
1 I am original bfs2604
1 I often worry bfs2605
1 Able to forgive bfs2606
1 Tend to be lazy bfs2607
1 I am sociable bfs2608
1 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bfs2609
1 I get nervous easily bfs2610
1 I complete tasks efficient bfs2611
1 Reserved bfs2612
1 I am friendly to others bfs2613
1 I have a lively imagination bfs2614
1 I deal well with stress bfs2615
1 I am curious, hungra for knowledge bfs2616
1 I have a positive opinien about myself bfs2617
1 I can easy forgo sth to save bfs2618
1 Live for today, do not think of tomorrow bfs2619
1 Readiness to assume a risk (interviewer) bfs27
1 Furniture Hh: Own Desk bfs2801
1 Furniture Hh: Own Room bfs2802
1 Furniture Hh: Own Books bfs2803
1 software for learning bfs2901
1 books helpful for doing homework bfs2902
1 classic literature bfs2903
1 music instruments bfs2904
1 artworks bfs2905
1 tablet pc bfs3001
1 usage of tablet bfs3002
1 computer bfs3003
1 usage computer bfs3004
1 games console bfs3005
1 usage games console bfs3006
1 smartphone bfs3007
1 usage smartphone bfs3008
1 other mobile phone bfs3009
1 usage other mobile phone bfs3010
1 language bfs31
1 own opinion life satisfaction bfs32
1 day of interview bfdatt
1 month of interview bfdatm
1 End of Interview (Hour) bfdatst
1 End of Interview (Minutes) bfdatmi
1 form of questionning bfform
1 Interview Length Oral bfdauer1
1 interview lenght written bfdauer2
1 further persons present bfanw
1 Interviewer ID intid


Study: soep-core


Dataset: bfschool

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