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Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hhnrakt
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Person Number Surveyed befrper
1 Survey Year, 4-digit syear
1 Sex sex
1 Sample Member psample
1 Birth Year, 4-digit bygebjah
1 Person Number Mother bymnr
1 Person Number Father byvnr
1 Lives In Parental Household? bywoelt
1 Has Own Room? bywozim
1 Additional Room, Apartment bywowei
1 Own Earnings byvdeig
1 Full-Time, Part-Time, Trainee byvdart
1 Have Already Worked Before byjbfrue
1 Age At First Job byjbalt
1 Reason For Working byjbgrun
1 Pocket Money, Allowance bytgeld
1 Pocket Money per Week bytgeldw
1 Pocket Money per Month bytgeldm
1 Money Saved byspar
1 Savings per Month bysparm
1 Savings Irregular bysparun
1 Father Important In Life bywiva
1 Mother Important In Life bywimu
1 Brother, Sister Important In Life bywibs
1 Other Relative Important In Life bywivw
1 Steady Boy-,Girlfriend Important In Life bywiffr
1 Best Friend Important In Life bywibfr
1 Teacher Important In Life bywilehr
1 Clique,Group Of Friends Important In Life bywiclq
1 Other Person Important In Life bywison
1 Argue Or Fight With Father bystrva
1 Argue Or Fight With Mother bystrmu
1 Argue Or Fight With Brother,Sister bystrbs
1 Argue Or Fight Steady Boy-,Girlfriend bystrffr
1 Argue Or Fight With Best Friend bystrbfr
1 Mother Talks About Things You Do bybz01mu
1 Father Talks About Things You Do bybz01va
1 Mother Talks About Things That Worry You bybz02mu
1 Father Talks About Things That Worry You bybz02va
1 Mother Asks You Prior To Making Decisions bybz03mu
1 Father Asks You Prior To Making Decisions bybz03va
1 Mother Expresses Opinion On Smthng You Do bybz04mu
1 Father Expresses Opinion On Smthng You Do bybz04va
1 Mother Able To Solve Problems With You bybz05mu
1 Father Able To Solve Problems With You bybz05va
1 Mother Has Impression Of Trusting You bybz06mu
1 Father Has Impression Of Trusting You bybz06va
1 Mother Asks Your Opinion On Family Matters bybz07mu
1 Father Asks Your Opinion On Family Matters bybz07va
1 Mother Gives Reason For Making Decision bybz08mu
1 Father Gives Reason For Making Decision bybz08va
1 Mother Shows That She Loves You bybz09mu
1 Father Shows That She Loves You bybz09va
1 How Often Watch TV, Video byfzfern
1 How Often Play Computer Games byfzpc
1 How Often Listen To Music byfzmush
1 How Often Play Music Or Sing byfzmuss
1 How Often Do Sports byfzsprt
1 How Often Dance Or Act byfztanz
1 How Often Do Tech. Activities byfztech
1 How Often Read byfzlese
1 How Often Do Volunteer Work byfzehre
1 How Often Do Nothing byfzabh
1 How Often Spend Time Steady Boy-,Girlfriend byfzmffr
1 How Often Spend Time Best Friend byfzmbfr
1 How Often Spend Time Clique byfzmclq
1 How Often Spend Time Being Online, Chatting (since 2006-2013) byfzint
1 How Often Spend Time Being Online in Social Networks (since 2013) byfzsonw
1 How Often Spend Time in youth centre, recreation centre (since 2006) byfzjugz
1 How Often Spend Time in Church, attending religious events (since 2006) byfzreli
1 Musically Active bymussp
1 Type Of Music bymusart
1 Musically Active Alone Or In Group bymusmw
1 How Old When First Musically Active bymusalt
1 Musical Lessons Outside Of School bymusunt
1 Sports Played bysprttr
1 Most Important Sport bysprtar
1 Age When Starting This Sport bysprtal
1 Where And With Whom Sport bysprtmw
1 Take Part In Competitions In This Sport bysprtwe
1 Attended School byschbes
1 Year Of Leaving School byschend
1 Type Of Certificate byschabs
1 Further Certificate Planned byschzuk
1 Highest Certificate Planned byschzar
1 1. Foreign Langauge byfmd1
1 2. Foreign Langauge byfmd2
1 School Participation Abroad byschaus
1 Private School Participation byschpri
1 Class Representative byenkspr
1 Student Body President byensspr
1 Involved With School Newspaper byensztg
1 Belong To Theatre, Dance Group byenthea
1 Belong To Choir, Orchestra, Music Group byenchor
1 Belong To Volunteer Sport Group byensprt
1 Other Kind Of School Group byensons
1 No Involvement byennein
1 Satisfaction With Overall School Grades byzfinsg
1 Satisfaction With German Grades byzfdeut
1 Satisfaction With Mathematics Grades byzfmath
1 Satisfaction With Main Foreign Langauge byzffmd1
1 School Recommended Higher Education Level byempfeh
1 Grade German byntdeut
1 Grade Mathematics byntmath
1 Grade 1. Foreign Langauge byntfmd1
1 Points German byptdeut
1 Points Mathematics byptmath
1 Points 1. Foreign Langauge byptfmd1
1 Comprehensive School German bygsdeut
1 Comprehensive School Mathematics bygsmath
1 Comprehensive School Foreign Langauge bygsfmd1
1 Basic,Advanced Course German bylkdeut
1 Basic,Advanced Course Mathematics bylkmath
1 Basic,Advanced Course 1. Foreign Language bylkfmd1
1 Year, Grade Repeated byklwdja
1 Year, Grade First Repeated byklwd1
1 Year, Grade Repeated byklwd2
1 Paid Tutor bynachhi
1 Parents Show Interest In Performance byelkuem
1 Parents Help With Studying byelhaus
1 Disagreements With Parents Over Studies byeldiff
1 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evening byelaben
1 Parents Come To Teacher Office Hours byelspre
1 Parents Visit Teacher Outside Office Hrs. byellehr
1 Involved As Parents Representative byelvert
1 Parents Not Involved In Any Of Above byelnida
1 Number Of Foreign Students byklausl
1 Job Training, Apprenticeship bybaabge
1 Occupational Integration Year bybabgj
1 Occupational Integration Year Finished bybabegl
1 Apprenticeship bybaleh
1 Full-Time Vocation School bybabfs
1 Voluntary Or Non-Paid Job bybaprak
1 Technical College/University of Applied Science/University bybauni
1 Formal Training Certificate, Uni. Degree byzaja
1 Completed Apprenticeship byzaleh
1 Full-Time Vocation School byzabfs
1 Higher Level Trade And Technical School byzafsc
1 Civil Servant Training byzabea
1 Accredited Career Training Academy byzabak
1 Engineering School byzafh
1 University byzauni
1 At What Age Financially Independent byslbalt
1 Already Financially Independent? byslbheu
1 Preferred Occupation bybwunja
1 StaBuA 1992 Job Classification byklas
1 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation Code byisco88
1 Erikson And Goldthorpe Class Category byegp
1 International Socio-Economic Index of Occ. Status byisei
1 Treiman Standard International Occ. Prestige bysiops
1 Wegener Occupational Prestige Scale bymps
1 Informed About Future Occupation byzbinf
1 Parents Helped With Choice Of Occupation byzbelt
1 Goal Is To Take Things As They Come byzblas
1 Lot Of Thought Put Into This Decision byzbbes
1 Still Trying To Find What My Talents Are byzbrau
1 Secure Job, Career bywbsich
1 High Income bywbeink
1 Good Promotion Possibilities bywbauf
1 Job With Recognition bywbane
1 Job Which Allows For Spare Time bywbfrei
1 Interesting Job, Career bywbint
1 Job Which Allows For Independent Working bywbselb
1 Interaction Important bywbkont
1 Job Important For Society bywbgsl
1 Job With Good Health, Safety Conditions bywbgsnd
1 Job Allows For Family Commitments bywbfam
1 Job Where One Can Help Others bywbhelf
1 Probability Of Training, University Slot bywaausp
1 Probability Success. Training, University bywaerfa
1 Probability Of Finding Employment bywaarbp
1 Probability Of Job Success bywaberf
1 Probability Of Long-Term Unemployment bywaarbl
1 Probability Of Being Held Back By Family bywazuru
1 Probability Of Being Self-Employed bywaselb
1 Probability Of Working Abroad bywaausl
1 Probability Of Marriage bywaheir
1 Probability Of Living With A Partner bywapart
1 Probability Of A Child bywakid1
1 Probability Of Several Children bywakidm
1 Partner Necessary To Be Happy In Life? byglpart
1 Children Necessary To Be Happy In Life? byglkind
1 Success Through Working Hard byefflei
1 Success Through Exploiting Others byefausn
1 Success Through Intelligence byefint
1 Success Through Family Background byeffam
1 Success Through Specialized Training byeffach
1 Success Through Money byefgeld
1 Success Through School Grades, Results byefsabs
1 Success Through Being Tough, Ruthless byefhart
1 Success Through Connections byefbez
1 Success Through Being Politically Active byefpoli
1 Success Through Being Male byefmann
1 Success Through Initiative byefini
1 Control Over My Own Destiny byesverl
1 In Comparison Do Not Have What I Deserve byeserre
1 Success In Life Is Due To Fate byesglue
1 Others Have Often Controlled My Life byesand
1 One Has To Work Had To Be Successful byeshart
1 Doubt Myself When Faced By Difficulties byeszwei
1 Opportunities Depend On Soc. Circumstance byessozu
1 Talents You Have At Birth Are V. Import. byesfaeh
1 I Have Little Control Over My Life byeskntr
1 Soc., Pol. Activity Makes A Difference byesenga
1 Survey Instrument byinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bydauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview bydauer2
1 Further Persons Present byanw
1 day of interview bytagin
1 month of interview bymonin
1 Frequency surfing in the internet (since 2014) byfzsint
1 School Grade byklass
1 school abroad age begin byausab
1 school abroad age end byausae
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Anzahl enge Freunde (seit 2016) byanzefr
1 Anzahl Freunde nicht aus Deutschland byzsfra
1 Country School Leaving Certificate byschenda
1 Offered, German As A Foreign Language bydafa
1 Participation, German As A Foreign Language bydaft
1 Engag. Schulsanitaeter (seit 2016) byenssan
1 Satisfaction With Performance in Mother Tongue byzfmts
1 Dual course of study / college of advanced vocational studies bybabak
1 Idea of Vocational Training Abroad byzaaus


Study: soep-core


Dataset: bioage17

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