Generated biographical information


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 current wave hh number hhnrakt
1 unchanging personal id of child persnr
1 Never Changing Person ID Mother persnre
1 survey year syear
1 bioage data set bioage
1 understood test question test
1 form of questionning mode
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 present persons paround
1 childs month of birth birthm
1 childs year of birth birthy
1 age (in months) of the child at the time of the survey age
1 childs gender sex
1 parents gender sexresp
1 newborn is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. child nchild
1 biological child biochild
1 Height of child at birth in cm heightb
1 weight of child at birth in grams weightb
1 height of child in cm height
1 childs weight in kg weight
1 head circumference of the child in cm circum
1 last medical examination lstmedex
1 medical help - number of times in the first 3 months after birth medaid3mb
1 medical help - number of times in the last 3 months medaid3m
1 length of hospital stay in the first 3 months after birth in days hospital3mb
1 length of hospital stay in the last 12 months in days hospital12m
1 General Health Status Child chhealth
1 concerns about the childs health health
1 child has confirmed disorders disord
1 Disorder: Perception disord1
1 Disorder: Motor Skills disord2
1 Disorder: Nuerological Disorder disord3
1 Disorder: Language disord4
1 Disorder: Regulation disord5
1 Disorder: Chronic Illness disord6
1 Disorder: Physical Handicap disord7
1 Disorder: Mental Handicap disord8
1 Diorder: Other disord9
1 No Confirmed Disorder disordno
1 child is restricted in abilities ill0
1 respiratory disease ill10
1 asthma ill11
1 chronic bronchitis ill12
1 spastic / acute bronchitis ill13
1 pseudocroup / croup syndrome ill14
1 middle-ear inflammation ill2
1 hayfever ill31
1 allergies ill32
1 neurodermatitis ill4
1 vision impairment ill5
1 hearing impairment ill6
1 nutritional disorders ill7
1 motor impairment ill8
1 other impairments or disorders ill9
1 no disease / disorder illno
1 place where birth took place delivpl
1 pregnancy week of birth birthpw
1 pregnancy planned/unplanned pregplan
1 physical condition in the final third of the pregnancy feeling1
1 physical condition in the first 3 months after birth feeling2
1 mental state in the final third of the pregnancy feeling3
1 mental state in the first 3 months after birth feeling4
1 mother: pregnant at individual interview pregy
1 mother: month of pregnancy at individual interview pregmo
1 spell beginning month of pregnancy prebeg
1 spell end of pregnancy, birth preend
1 delivery by caesarean section delivcs
1 breast-feeding baby breastf
1 breast-feeding time in months breastfm
1 child still breast feed breastfc
1 circumstances in life have greatly changed change1
1 child provides happiness and joy change2
1 often close to running out of strength change3
1 very satisfied with the role of mother change4
1 often unable to cope with tasks/responsibilities change5
1 have made new contacts through the child change6
1 suffering from being limited to the role of mother change7
1 important to provide the child with much affection change8
1 father lives in household fathinhh
1 supported by partner suppartn
1 mother is main caregiver maincare
1 cared for by partner (in h/week) care1h
1 cared for by childs father (if not resident of same household) (in h/week) care2h
1 cared for by grandparents (in h/week) care3h
1 cared for by older siblings (in h/week) care4h
1 cared for by other relatives (in h/week) care5h
1 cared for in family day care (in h/week) care6h
1 cared for by babysitter (in h/week) care7h
1 cared for in creche/day nursery (in h/week) care8h
1 cared for by school (in h/week) care9h
1 cared for in after-school child care (in h/week) care10h
1 cared for by social institution, center (in h/week) care11h
1 cared for by others (in h/week) care12h
1 hours after-school care during week care13h
1 hours after-school care weekend care14h
1 hours youth center during week care15h
1 hours youth center weekend care16h
1 hours sports club, leisure facility during week care17h
1 hours sports club, leisure facility weekend care18h
1 no others cared for, only mother care19
1 singing children songs to/with child (times during last 14 days) activ1
1 taking walks outdoors (no. of times during last 14 days) activ2
1 painting or doing arts and crafts (times during last 14 days) activ3
1 reading/telling stories (in german) (times during last 14 days) activ4
1 looking at picture books (times during last 14 days) activ5
1 going to playground (no. of times during last 14 days) activ6
1 visiting other families with children (times during last 14 days) activ7
1 going shopping with child (no. of times during last 14 days) activ8
1 watching television/videos with child (times during last 14 days) activ9
1 frequency of playing cards or dice in the last 14 days activ10
1 frequency of computer/online gaming in the last 14 days activ11
1 frequency of trips to childs theater,circus,museum, last 14 days activ12
1 frequency of reading/story-telling in other language last 14 days activ13
1 Last 14 ds: Singing childrens songs activ1_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Taking walks outdoors activ2_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Drawing or doing arts/crafts activ3_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Reading/telling stories (German) activ4_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Looking at picture books activ5_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Going to playground activ6_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Visiting oth. families w. children activ7_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Going shopping w. child activ8_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Watching TV/videos/DVD w. child activ9_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Reading/telling stories (not German) activ10_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Actions outside (walks o. similar) activ11_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Card games or similar activ12_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Playing computer game w. child activ13_fid
1 Last 14 ds: Going to theater, circus, museum w. child activ14_fid
1 frequency of watching TV freqact1
1 frequency of playing computer games freqact2
1 frequency of beeing online on social networks freqact3
1 frquency surfing the internet freqact4
1 frequency of listening to music freqact5
1 frequency of making music freqact6
1 frequency of doing sports freqact7
1 frequency of doing something with the family freqact8
1 frequency of dancing or acting freqact9
1 frequency of doing technical work freqact10
1 frequency of painting or doing arts and crafts freqact11
1 frequency of reading freqact12
1 frequency of do nothing freqact13
1 frequency of meeting friends freqact14
1 frequency of phoning freqact15
1 frequency sending SMS freqact16
1 frequency of time in church, attending religious events freqact17
1 frequency of meeting youthgroup freqact18
1 frequency care for pet freqact19
1 pocked money allow
1 pocked money per week allowpw
1 pocked money per month allowpm
1 place of having breakfast during week eatweek1
1 place of having lunch during week eatweek2
1 place of having dinner during week eatweek3
1 place of having breakfast saturday eatsat1
1 place of having lunch saturday eatsat2
1 place of having dinner saturday eatsat3
1 place of having breakfast sunday eatson1
1 place of having lunch sunday eatson2
1 place of having dinner sunday eatson3
1 place of having breakfast weekend eatwend1
1 place of having lunch weekend eatwend2
1 place of having dinner weekend eatwend3
1 number of frinds (children) frndchld
1 number of friends (adults) frndadlt
1 Number of close friends frnds
1 child allowed to watch television or videos alone tvyn
1 child watches video/tv alone (in h/week) tvhrs
1 language spoken with child language
1 child is generally happy and satisfied temp1
1 child is easily irritated and often cries temp2
1 child is hard to console temp3
1 child is curious and active temp4
1 child more reserved temp5
1 child communicative and talkative temp6
1 child shows empathy when others are sad temp7
1 child tends to be shy / outgoing char1a
1 child tends to be talkative / quiet char1b
1 child tends to be focused / easily distracted char2
1 child tends to be obstinate / obedient char3
1 child tends to be quick to learn new things / to need more time char4
1 child tends to be messy / neat char5
1 child tends to be sweet-tempered / easily excited char6
1 child tends to be disinterested / curious char7
1 child tends to be self-confident / tends to lack confidence char8
1 child tends to be withdrawn / outgoing char9
1 child tends to be anxious / confident char10
1 Thorough worker char11
1 I am communivative char12
1 I am sometimes coarse with others char13
1 I am original char14
1 I often worry char15
1 Able to forgive char16
1 Tend to be lazy char17
1 I am sociable char18
1 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences char19
1 I get nervous easily char20
1 I complete tasks efficient char21
1 Reserved char22
1 I am friendly to others char23
1 I have a lively imagination char24
1 I deal well with stress char25
1 I am curious, hungra for knowledge char26
1 I have a positive opinien about myself char27
1 I can easy forgo sth to save char28
1 Live for today, do not think of tomorrow char29
1 own opinion of willingness to take risks char30
1 child is considerate behav1
1 child is restless, hyperactive, cannot sit still behav2
1 child shares with other children behav3
1 child often has fits of anger, quick-tempered behav4
1 child is a loner, usually plays alone behav5
1 child is helpful when others are hurt, sick, sad behav6
1 child is fidgety behav7
1 child argues with or bullies others behav8
1 child is often unhappy, cries easily behav9
1 child is popular with peers behav10
1 child is easily distracted, lacks concentration behav11
1 child is nervous or clingy in new situations behav12
1 child gets teased or bullied by peers behav13
1 child frequently offers to help others behav14
1 child gets along with adults better than with other children behav15
1 child has a lot of fears, gets scared easily behav16
1 child completes tasks, can concentrate for an extended period behav17
1 child thinks about before acting behav18
1 Ch. is considerate behav1_fid
1 Ch. is anxious, over-active, cannot sit quietly behav2_fid
1 Ch. often complains a. headache/stomach sickness behav3_fid
1 Ch. likes to share with other children behav4_fid
1 Ch. has rage attacks, is choleric behav5_fid
1 Ch. is a loner, plays mostly alone behav6_fid
1 Ch. is compliant, does what adults ask for behav7_fid
1 Ch. has a lot of worries, is depressed behav8_fid
1 Ch. is helpful if others are injured/ill/unhappy behav9_fid
1 Ch. is fidgety behav10_fid
1 Ch. has at least one good friend behav11_fid
1 Ch. quarrels with other children, mobs them behav12_fid
1 Ch. is often unhappy or depressed, weeps often behav13_fid
1 Ch. is popular with other children behav14_fid
1 Ch. is easily distracted, lacks concentration behav15_fid
1 Ch. is nervous, clinging in new situations behav16_fid
1 Ch. is nice to younger children behav17_fid
1 Ch. often lies or cheats behav18_fid
1 Ch. is mobbed by others behav19_fid
1 Ch. offers its help voluntarily behav20_fid
1 Ch. takes things w/o asking for permission behav21_fid
1 Ch. gets along better w. adults than w. children behav22_fid
1 Ch. has many fears, is easily afraid behav23_fid
1 Ch. finishes tasks, can concentrate for long time behav24_fid
1 Ch. thinks before acting behav25_fid
1 I am nice to other people behav1_full
1 I am often restless, can not sit still behav2_full
1 I often have headaches/stomach pains behav3_full
1 I like to share with others behav4_full
1 get angry easily behav5_full
1 I am most time on my own behav6_full
1 Most time I do what others say behav7_full
1 I often worry behav8_full
1 I am helpful when others are hurt, sick, sad behav9_full
1 I am fridgety behav10_full
1 I have good friends behav11_full
1 I often battle with others behav12_full
1 I can force others to do what I want behav13_full
1 I am often run-down, melancholy, cry a lot behav14_full
1 I am popular with peers behav15_full
1 I am easily distracted, lack of concentration behav16_full
1 I am nervous in new situations behav17_full
1 I am nice to younger children behav18_full
1 Others claim that I lie a lot behav19_full
1 I get teased or bullied by others behav20_full
1 I often help others behav21_full
1 I think about, before acting behav22_full
1 I take things that are not mine behav23_full
1 I better get along with adults than with children behav24_full
1 I have a lot of fears, get scared easily behav25_full
1 I complete tasks, can concentrate for an extend period behav26_full
1 child understands simple instructions spch1
1 child forms sentences with at least two words spch2
1 child speaks in full sentences (at least four words) spch3
1 child listens attentively to a story for at least five minutes spch4
1 child can relate simple messages spch5
1 child follows instructions (heard five minutes before) spch6
1 child knows first and lastname spch7
1 child can listen attentively to stories spch8
1 Child can identify at least 5 body parts spch10_fid
1 Child can identfy daily-life-objects in a book spch11_fid
1 Child answers questions in words, or tries to spch12_fid
1 Child can name at least 10 objects spch13_fid
1 Child can describe things in simple words spch14_fid
1 child eats with spoon without making a mess skll1
1 child blows nose without assistance skll2
1 child uses toilet to do number two skll3
1 child puts on pants and underpants forwards skll4
1 child brushes teeth without assistance skll5
1 Child closes press buttons w/o assistance skll6_fid
1 Child covers mouth and nose when sneezing skll7_fid
1 Child takes off sweater/jacket w/o assistance skll8_fid
1 Child drinks f. a cup/glass w/o spilling skll9_fid
1 Child washes and dries its face w/o assistance skll10_fid
1 child walks forwards down the stairs mvmn1
1 child uses door handle to open doors mvmn2
1 child climbs jungle gyms and other high playground equipment mvmn3
1 child uses scissors to cut paper mvmn4
1 child paints / draws recognizable shapes on paper mvmn5
1 child can hold pen in the right way (not nist) mvmn6
1 Child jumps with one foot mvmn6_fid
1 Child climbs stairs w. alternating feet mvmn8_fid
1 Child can run w/o falling down mvmn9_fid
1 Child is able to jump forwards at least 3 times mvmn10_fid
1 Child can color simple forms and figures mvmn11_fid
1 Child can solve puzzles w. a min. of 2 parts mvmn12_fid
1 child calls familiar people by name sclr1
1 child plays games with other children sclr2
1 child participates in role-playing games sclr3
1 child shows particular liking for certain playmates or friends sclr4
1 child calls his/her own feelings by name, e.g. sad, happy, scared sclr5
1 child changes while playing (without asking) sclr6
1 Child is happy or worried for others sclr6_fid
1 Child shows desire to make others feel happy sclr9_fid
1 Child shares toys if asked for sclr10_fid
1 Child continues playing w/o crying whn parents leave sclr11_fid
1 Child creatively plays with household stuff sclr12_fid
1 Child seeks to make friends with same-age kids sclr13_fid
1 Child fulfils simple requests sclr14_fid
1 first month of school enrolment sclenrolm
1 first year of school enrolment sclenroly
1 child has not been enrolled in school yet sclenroln
1 School: Primary School curscol1
1 School With Special Pedagogic Concept curscol2
1 Special-Needs School curscol3
1 School: Second General School curscol4
1 School: Intermediate Secondary School curscol5
1 School: Grammar Secondary Class, A-level curscol6
1 School: Comprehensive School curscol7
1 Other School curscol8
1 Last reporrt mark: German lamark
1 Last report mark: Mathmatics matmark
1 grade first foreign language last report flmark
1 Does Not Apply nomark
1 Current class level sclgrade
1 number of students in class sclppls
1 number of students not german sclpplsmig
1 do not know how many not german sclpplsdk
1 tearchers call up on me seldomly sclteachr1
1 teacher grade me stricter sclteachr2
1 teachers admonish me more often sclteachr3
1 teachers think I am less clever sclteachr4
1 hour school begins monday sclmobh
1 minute school begins monday sclmobm
1 hour school begins tuesday scltubh
1 minute school begins tuesday scltubm
1 hour school begins wednesday sclwebh
1 minute school begins wednesday sclwebm
1 hour school begins thursday sclthbh
1 minute school begins thursday sclthbm
1 hour school begins friday sclfrbh
1 minute school begins friday sclfrbm
1 hour school begins saturday sclsabh
1 minute school begins saturday sclsabm
1 hour school ends monday sclmoeh
1 minute school ends monday sclmoem
1 hour school ends tuesday scltueh
1 minute school ends tuesday scltuem
1 hour school ends wednesday sclweeh
1 minute school ends wednesday sclweem
1 hour school ends thursday scltheh
1 minute school ends thursday sclthem
1 Hour School Ends Friday sclfreh
1 minute school ends friday sclfrem
1 hour school ends saturday sclsaeh
1 minute school ends saturday sclsaem
1 frequence school on saturdays sclsafreq
1 Child Likes To Go To School scolcon1
1 No Good Social Interaction With Classmates scolcon2
1 Child Senses School As A Waste Of Time scolcon3
1 Child Takes School Seriously scolcon4
1 Childs Comes Along Well In Class scolcon5
1 Child Does Not Come Along With Current Class Teacher scolcon6
1 Child Likes To Study scolcon7
1 Schl. cond.: Gets along w. classmates (SC 2010 only) scolcon8_fid
1 Schl. cond.: Gets along w. teacher (SC 2010 only) scolcon9_fid
1 Time in school in months scoldura_fid
1 Place to do Homework (bioage10) hwplace_v1
1 place of doing homework (bioage12) hwplace_v2
1 place of doing homework (harmonized) hwplace_h
1 Frequency Of Support With Homework hwsupprt
1 time for doing homework hwduration
1 mother helps with homework helphmwk1
1 father helps with homework helphmwk2
1 grandparents help with homework helphmwk3
1 siblings help with homework helphmwk4
1 friends help with homework helphmwk5
1 tutor helps with homework helphmwk6
1 help with homework homework supervision helphmwk7
1 ideal school completion: low (hauptschule, lower sec. school) idegrad1
1 ideal school completion: medium (realschule, interm. idegrad2
1 ideal school completion: high gymnasium, upper secondary school) idegrad3
1 probable school completion: lower secondary school probgra1
1 probable school completion: intermediate secondary school probgra2
1 probable school completion: upper secondary school probgra3
1 ideal school completition degree idegrad
1 importance school completition degree impgrad
1 most probable school completition degree probgra
1 parent's interest in school parint
1 Friend 1: ideal school completition degree frnd1grad
1 Friend 2: ideal school completition degree frnd2grad
1 Friend 3: ideal school completition degree frnd3grad
1 Friend 1: place first met frnd1meet
1 Friend 2: place first met frnd2meet
1 Friend 3: place first met frnd3meet
1 Frequency parents influence circle of friends frndspar
1 older siblings siblings
1 sibling 1: ideal school completition degree sib1grad
1 sibling 2: ideal school completition degree sib2grad
1 sibling 3: ideal school completition degree sib3grad
1 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evenings conscho1
1 Parents Take Part In Parent Conference Days conscho2
1 Consult Teachers conscho3
1 Engagement As Parent Representatives conscho4
1 Other Support Of School/Teacher conscho5
1 Member Of Booster Club conscho6
1 None of That conscho7
1 education goal. child should: be a good student edgoal1
1 education goal. child should: get along with other kids edgoal2
1 education goal. child should: be interested why things happen edgoal3
1 education goal. child should: act like normal girl/boy edgoal4
1 education goal. child should: be honest edgoal5
1 education goal. child should: have good manners edgoal6
1 education goal. child should: have good self-control edgoal7
1 education goal. child should: be responsible edgoal8
1 education goal. child should: treat others with respect edgoal9
1 education goal. child should: obey parents edgoal10
1 education goal. child should: have good ability to judge edgoal11
1 education goal. child should: be clean and neat edgoal12
1 education goal. child should: strive to achieve goals edgoal13
1 education goal. child should: fit in well in groups edgoal14
1 education goal. child should: learn to overcome obstacles edgoal15
1 education goal. child should: be satisfied with self edgoal16
1 education goal. child should: learn to avoid risks edgoal17
1 education goal. child should: be lovable edgoal18
1 education behavior: show love edbeh1
1 education behavior: criticize edbeh2
1 education behavior: ask what he/she has experienced edbeh3
1 education behavior: punish when disobedient edbeh4
1 education behavior: threaten to punish, but do not punish edbeh5
1 education behavior: know where child is edbeh6
1 education behavior: rather strict with child edbeh7
1 education behavior: comfort child when child is sad edbeh8
1 education behavior: shout when child makes mistakes edbeh9
1 education behavior: a disobedient child is ungrateful edbeh10
1 education behavior: do not talk to child when disobedient edbeh11
1 education behavior: tell child not to disobey edbeh12
1 education behavior: praise my child edbeh13
1 education behavior: scold if angry edbeh14
1 education behavior: try to influence child friendships edbeh15
1 education behavior: reduce or retract punishment edbeh16
1 education behavior: disappointed about bad behavior edbeh17
1 education behavior: hard to be consistent in parenting edbeh18
1 be parents: sacrifice own wishes bepar1
1 be parents: disobedience is aimed to bother me bepar2
1 be parents: child is my main purpose in life bepar3
1 be parents: wish i was less overwhelmed by parent. responsab. bepar4
1 be parents: problems in upbringing are childs fault bepar5
1 be parents: nothing is better than being with child bepar6
1 be parents: would put up with everything for child bepar7
1 be parents: child misbehavior is intentional bepar8
1 be parents: often put everything aside to support child bepar9
1 be parents: look forward to spending time with child bepar10
1 frequency talk to friends when worried sorrow1
1 frequency talk to siblings when worried sorrow2
1 frequency talk to mother when worried sorrow3
1 frequency talk to father when worried sorrow4
1 frequency talk to grandparents when worried sorrow5
1 frequency help and support from friends support1
1 frequency help and support from siblings support2
1 frequency help and support from mother support3
1 frequency help and support from father support4
1 frequency help and support from grandparents support5
1 frequency get bullied by friends bossarnd1
1 frequency get bullied by siblings bossarnd2
1 frequency get bullied by mother bossarnd3
1 frequency get bullied by father bossarnd4
1 frequency get bullied by grandparents bossarnd5
1 frequency friends motivate for school motivate1
1 frequency siblings motivate for school motivate2
1 frequency mother motivates for school motivate3
1 frequency mother motivates for school motivate4
1 frequency grandparents motivate for school motivate5
1 frequenca fight with friends quarrel1
1 frequenca fight with sblings quarrel2
1 frequenca fight with mother quarrel3
1 frequenca fight with father quarrel4
1 frequenca fight with grandparents quarrel5
1 furniture hh: own desk hhfclts1
1 furniture hh: own room hhfclts2
1 furniture hh: own books hhfclts3
1 furniture hh: software for learning hhfclts4
1 furniture hh: books helpful for doing homework hhfclts5
1 furniture hh: classic literature hhfclts6
1 furniture hh: music instruments hhfclts7
1 furniture hh: artworks hhfclts8
1 technics hh: tablet pc hhtech1a
1 technics hh: usage of tablet hhtech1b
1 technics hh: computer hhtech2a
1 technics hh: usage computer hhtech2b
1 technics hh: games console hhtech3a
1 technics hh: usage games console hhtech3b
1 technics hh: smartphone hhtech4a
1 technics hh: usage smartphone hhtech4b
1 technics hh: other mobile phone hhtech5a
1 technics: usage other mobile phone hhtech5b
1 own opinion life satisfaction lifesati
1 Seeking Ch. Care: Waitinglist actcare1_fid
1 Seeking Ch. Care: in Contact W. Nanny/Day Care actcare2_fid
1 Seeking Ch. Care: in Contact W. Welfare Office actcare3_fid
1 Seeking Ch. Care: Other actcare4_fid
1 Probl. adapting to day care center: Contact with other cildren adpccare1_fid
1 Probl. adapting to day care center: Relationship to child care workers adpccare2_fid
1 Probl. adapting to day care center: Separation from home adpccare3_fid
1 Probl. adapting to day care center: Adjustment to fixed daily rhythm adpccare4_fid
1 Probl. adapting to primary school: Contact with other cildren adpscl1_fid
1 Probl. adapting to primary school: Contact with teachers adpscl2_fid
1 Probl. adapting to primary school: Want of familiar environment adpscl3_fid
1 Probl. adapting to primary school: Abiding by schools rules adpscl4_fid
1 Probl. adapting to primary school: School performance adpscl5_fid
1 Cared for by partner care1_fid
1 Respondent is mother/father biopar_fid
1 Cared for by moth./fath.(if not in household) care2_fid
1 Cared for by grandparents care3_fid
1 Cared for by older siblings care4_fid
1 Cared for by other relatives care5_fid
1 Cared for by nanny/day care (not in-house) care6_fid
1 Cared for by babysitter/nanny (in-house) care7_fid
1 Cared for in crib/day care center care8_fid
1 Cared for at school care9_fid
1 Cared for in after-school hoard care10_fid
1 Cared for in social institution, center care11_fid
1 Cared for by others care12_fid
1 Child in school: Problems with afternoon child care careaft_fid
1 Child n.i. school: Worries about afternoon child care careaftw_fid
1 Start current child care, month caremn_fid
1 Type of child care, if any caretyp_fid
1 Start current child care, year careyr_fid
1 Child care: day care center/nanny (y/n) ccare_fid
1 Never changed child care institution ccarec_fid
1 Number of changes of child care institution ccarecn_fid
1 Child care: freq. of day care center/nanny ccarefr_fid
1 First U exam confirming disorder disordu_fid
1 Problems in development/behavioral problems dvlpm1_fid
1 In therapy/consulting because of behav./devel. problems dvlpm2_fid
1 Freq. child sees mother/father famofreq_fid
1 Freq. child sees father fathfreq_fid
1 1st person: Child/adult imper1a_fid
1 1st person: Relative/not related imper1b_fid
1 1st person: Gender imper1c_fid
1 1st person: Age imper1d_fid
1 1st person: German origin imper1e_fid
1 1st person: Education imper1f_fid
1 2nd person: Child/adult imper2a_fid
1 2nd person: Relative/not related imper2b_fid
1 2nd person: Gender imper2c_fid
1 2nd person: Age imper2d_fid
1 2nd person: German origin imper2e_fid
1 2nd person: Education imper2f_fid
1 3rd person: Child/adult imper3a_fid
1 3rd person: Relative/not related imper3b_fid
1 3rd person: Gender imper3c_fid
1 3rd person: Age imper3d_fid
1 3rd person: German origin imper3e_fid
1 3rd person: Education imper3f_fid
1 Used help: Family education facility inshelp1_fid
1 Used help: Family counseling inshelp2_fid
1 Used help: Support by youth-welfare-center inshelp3_fid
1 Used help: Support services by social workers inshelp4_fid
1 Used help: Day-cares services by social workers inshelp5_fid
1 Used help: Consultation of nurse/educator inshelp6_fid
1 Used help: School-counselor/therapist inshelp7_fid
1 Used help: Other aid of youth-welfare-center inshelp8_fid
1 Used help: Other aid inshelp9_fid
1 Language 1 language1_fid
1 Language 2 language2_fid
1 Language 3 language3_fid
1 Not seek. child care: But concrete future plans nactcar1_fid
1 Not seek. child care: Take it as it comes nactcar2_fid
1 Not seek. child care: General disapproval of ch. care nactcar3_fid
1 Reason no care: Child too young noccare1_fid
1 Reason no care: Want to raise child by myself noccare2_fid
1 Reason no care: At home anyway and can take care noccare3_fid
1 Reason no care: Costs are too high noccare4_fid
1 Reason no care: No spots available noccare5_fid
1 Reason no care: Distance too far noccare6_fid
1 Reason no care: Opening hours not suitable noccare7_fid
1 Reason no care: Transfers too time-consuming noccare8_fid
1 Reason no care: Child has a chronic disease/disorder noccare9_fid
1 Reason no care: Child should spend time w. siblings noccare10_fid
1 Reason no care: Good experiences caring at home noccare11_fid
1 Reason child care: Employment reccare1_fid
1 Reason child care: Increased work schedule reccare2_fid
1 Reason child care: Start/contin. acadm. studies reccare3_fid
1 Reason child care: Positive impact on childs develop. reccare4_fid
1 Reason child care: Want more time for myself reccare5_fid
1 Reason child care: Other reccare6_fid
1 Relationship to biological mother/father relapare_fid
1 Satisf. child care: with group size saccare1_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With size of staff saccare2_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With opening hours saccare3_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With costs saccare4_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With flexibility saccare5_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With conduct of staff saccare6_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With activities/education saccare7_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With parental participation saccare8_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With contact to nurse/teacher saccare9_fid
1 Satisf. child care: With preparation for school saccare10_fid
1 Satisfaction help with homework sathmwk_fid
1 General satisfaction with child care saticare_fid
1 Other school activity: Athletics scactiv1_fid
1 Other school activity: Acting/dancing scactiv2_fid
1 Other school activity: Choir/orchestra/music group scactiv3_fid
1 Other school activity: Other scactiv4_fid
1 Special needs: Learning specned1_fid
1 Special needs: Linguistic specned2_fid
1 Special needs: Behavior/experience specned3_fid
1 Special needs: Mental specned4_fid
1 Special needs: Amplyopia (eyes) specned5_fid
1 Special needs: Hearing specned6_fid
1 Special needs: Physical/motoric specned7_fid
1 Special needs: Long-lasting disease specned8_fid
1 Special needs: None specned9_fid
1 Start of child care (ever), month stcaremn_fid
1 Start of child care (ever), year stcareyr_fid
1 Time father/mother sees child (days) timfamod_fid
1 Time father/mother sees child (hours) timfamoh_fid
1 Time father sees child (days) timfathd_fid
1 Time father sees child (hours) timfathh_fid
1 Time child spends at friends (alone) vistfrnd_fid
1 allgemeiner Gesunheitszustand selbstbericht srhealth
1 sozial engagieren freqact20
1 versuche, auch schwierige aufgaben zu loesen char31
1 was man erreicht, ist schicksal oder glueck char32
1 Success takes hard work char33
1 Class representative engage1
1 Student body president engage2
1 School Paramedic engage3
1 Student Magazine engage4
1 Theater-/ Dance Group engage5
1 Member of choir, orchestra, music group engage6
1 volunteer sport group engage7
1 Other kind of school group engage8
1 None of That engage10
1 fersehen std. pro tag schulwoche duract1
1 fersehen std. pro tag wochenende duract2
1 computerspiele std. pro tag schulwoche duract3
1 computerspiele std. pro tag wochenende duract4
1 soziale netzwerke std. pro tag schulwoche duract5
1 soziale netzwerke std. pro tag wochenende duract6
1 musik machen std. pro tag schulwoche duract7
1 musik machen std. pro tag wochenende duract8
1 sport treiben std. pro tag schulwoche duract9
1 sport treiben std. pro tag wochenende duract10
1 abends vor schultagen alleine unterwegs evepermit1
1 abends vor schulfreien tagen alleine unterwegs evepermit2
1 abends vor schultagen zuhause aufbleiben evepermit3
1 abends vor schulfreien tagen zuhause aufbleiben evepermit4
1 mit anderen erwachsenen urlaub woparent1
1 ohne erwachsene urlaub woparent2
1 mit anderen erwachsenen zug- oder flugreise woparent3
1 ohne erwachsene zug- oder flugreise woparent4
1 mit anderen erwachsenen zum arzt woparent5
1 ohne erwachsene zum arzt woparent6
1 mit anderen erwachsenen kleidung gekauft woparent7
1 ohne erwachsene kleidung gekauft woparent8
1 mit anderen erwachsenen gekocht oder gebacken woparent9
1 ohne erwachsene gekocht oder gebacken woparent10
1 mit anderen erwachsenen etwas umgetauscht woparent11
1 ohne erwachsene etwas umgetauscht woparent12
1 mit anderen erwachsenen im kino woparent13
1 ohne erwachsene im kino woparent14
1 mit anderen erwachsenen alkohol getrunken woparent15
1 ohne erwachsene alkohol getrunken woparent16
1 mit anderen erwachsenen geraucht woparent17
1 ohne erwachsene geraucht woparent18
1 mit anderen erwachsenen wassperfeife geraucht woparent19
1 ohne erwachsene wassperfeife geraucht woparent20
1 Importance Father, Currently impperson1
1 Importance Mother, Currently impperson2
1 Importance Brother/Sister, Currently impperson3
1 Other Relative Important In Life, Currently impperson4
1 Importance Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Currently impperson5
1 Importance Best Friend, Currently impperson6
1 Importance My Group of Friends/ Clique, Currently impperson7
1 Importance Teacher, Currently impperson8
1 Importance Other Person, Currently impperson9
1 Money Saved savings1
1 Monthly Savings savings2
1 Irregular Amount savings savings3
1 Interest in politics (interviewer) polparty1
1 Tendency to one Party polparty2
1 Tendency to which Party polparty3
1 Strength of Tendency to Party polparty4


Study: soep-core


Dataset: bioagel

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