Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=FHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) fhhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Survey Year welle
1 Language Version fperfas
1 Questionnaire Version fberf
1 Person Number Surveyed fbefrper
1 Employed Since Start Of Previous Yr fp17g
1 Month Started First Job Previous Yr fp18g01
1 Month Started First Job Current Yr fp18g02
1 Month Returned To Work Previous Yr fp18g03
1 Month Returned To Work Current Yr fp18g04
1 Month Started New Job Previous Yr fp18g05
1 Month Started New Job Current Yr fp18g06
1 Month Became Self-Employed Previous Yr fp18g07
1 Month Became Self-Employed Current Yr fp18g08
1 Month Within Firm Job Change Previous Yr fp18g09
1 Month Within Firm Job Change Current Year fp18g10
1 No Change In Job fp18g11
1 Month Last Job Ended Previous Yr fp19g01
1 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr fp19g02
1 Year Last Job Ended fp19g03
1 Years Worked On Last Job fp20g01
1 Months Worked On Last Job fp20g02
1 Terminated By Employer fp21g01
1 Limited Term Employment Relationship fp21g02
1 Early Retirement Rules fp21g03
1 Education,Training Completed fp21g04
1 Quit The Job fp21g05
1 Mutual Termination fp21g06
1 Employee Requested Transfer fp21g07
1 Company Transferred Employee fp21g08
1 Ended Self-Employment fp21g09
1 Other Reasons For Loss Of Job fp21g10
1 Quit Job For Marriage fp22g01
1 Quit Job For Child Care fp22g02
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Care fp22g03
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Disability fp22g04
1 Quit Job Because Of Incapacity For Work fp22g05
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Health Reasons fp22g06
1 Quit Job When Reached Retirement Age fp22g07
1 Quit Job Because Of Early Retirement fp22g08
1 Quit Job For Military,Community Service fp22g09
1 Quit Job Due To Difficulties With Boss fp22g10
1 Quit Job When Moved fp22g11
1 Quit Job Because Of Company Downsizing fp22g12
1 Quit Job Because Of Bankruptcy fp22g13
1 Quit Job Due To Occupational Change fp22g14
1 Quit Job For Better Job fp22g15
1 Quit Job To Continue Education fp22g16
1 Quit Job When Financially Independent fp22g17
1 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons fp22g18
1 Working In Occupation Trained For fp29
1 No Education,Training Necessary fp3001
1 Introduction To The Job fp3002
1 On-The-Job Training fp3003
1 Special Courses fp3004
1 Completed Vocational Training fp3005
1 Completed College fp3006
1 Civil Service fp31
1 Size Of Company fp32
1 Currently Work As Manual Laborer fp3801
1 Currently Self-Employed fp3802
1 Currently Receiving Education,Training fp3803
1 Currently Salaried Employee fp3804
1 Currently Work As Public Servant fp3805
1 Completed Education,Training Prev Yr fp66
1 General-Education School Degree fp6701
1 College Degree fp6702
1 Type Of College Degree fp6703
1 Primary Field Of Study In College fp6704
1 Type Of Education,Training fp6705
1 Marital Status fp101
1 Currently Have Steady Partner fp10201
1 Year Moved In Together fp10202
1 Live Apart fp10203
1 Month Married Previous Year fp10301
1 Month Married Survey Year fp10302
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year fp10303
1 Month Moved In Together Survey Year fp10304
1 Month Divorced Previous Year fp10305
1 Month Divorced Survey Year fp10306
1 Month Separated Previous Year fp10307
1 Month Separated Survey Year fp10308
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year fp10309
1 Month Partner Died Survey Year fp10310
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year fp10311
1 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year fp10312
1 Month Child Born Previous Year fp10313
1 Month Child Born Survey Year fp10314
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr fp10315
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr fp10316
1 Description Of Other HH Comp Change fp10317
1 No Change In HH Composition fp10318
1 Survey Instrument fpinta
1 Employed Full-Time Jan Prev Yr fp6801
1 Employed Full-Time Feb Prev Yr fp6802
1 Employed Full-Time Mar Prev Yr fp6803
1 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr fp6804
1 Employed Full-Time May Prev Yr fp6805
1 Employed Full-Time Jun Prev Yr fp6806
1 Employed Full-Time Jul Prev Yr fp6807
1 Employed Full-Time Aug Prev Yr fp6808
1 Employed Full-Time Sep Prev Yr fp6809
1 Employed Full-Time Oct Prev Yr fp6810
1 Employed Full-Time Nov Prev Yr fp6811
1 Employed Full-Time Dec Prev Yr fp6812
1 Employed Part-Time Jan Prev Yr fp6813
1 Employed Part-Time Feb Prev Yr fp6814
1 Employed Part-Time Mar Prev Yr fp6815
1 Employed Part-Time Apr Prev Yr fp6816
1 Employed Part-Time May Prev Yr fp6817
1 Employed Part-Time Jun Prev Yr fp6818
1 Employed Part-Time Jul Prev Yr fp6819
1 Employed Part-Time Aug Prev Yr fp6820
1 Employed Part-Time Sep Prev Yr fp6821
1 Employed Part-Time Oct Prev Yr fp6822
1 Employed Part-Time Nov Prev Yr fp6823
1 Employed Part-Time Dec Prev Yr fp6824
1 Education,Retraining Jan Prev Yr fp6825
1 Education,Retraining Feb Prev Yr fp6826
1 Education,Retraining Mar Prev Yr fp6827
1 Education,Retraining Apr Prev Yr fp6828
1 Education,Retraining May Prev Yr fp6829
1 Education,Retraining Jun Prev Yr fp6830
1 Education,Retraining Jul Prev Yr fp6831
1 Education,Retraining Aug Prev Yr fp6832
1 Education,Retraining Sep Prev Yr fp6833
1 Education,Retraining Oct Prev Yr fp6834
1 Education,Retraining Nov Prev Yr fp6835
1 Education,Retraining Dec Prev Yr fp6836
1 Officially Unemployed Jan Prev Yr fp6837
1 Officially Unemployed Feb Prev Yr fp6838
1 Officially Unemployed Mar Prev Yr fp6839
1 Officially Unemployed Apr Prev Yr fp6840
1 Officially Unemployed May Prev Yr fp6841
1 Officially Unemployed Jun Prev Yr fp6842
1 Officially Unemployed Jul Prev Yr fp6843
1 Officially Unemployed Aug Prev Yr fp6844
1 Officially Unemployed Sep Prev Yr fp6845
1 Officially Unemployed Oct Prev Yr fp6846
1 Officially Unemployed Nov Prev Yr fp6847
1 Officially Unemployed Dec Prev Yr fp6848
1 Retired Jan Prev Yr fp6849
1 Retired Feb Prev Yr fp6850
1 Retired Mar Prev Yr fp6851
1 Retired Apr Prev Yr fp6852
1 Retired May Prev Yr fp6853
1 Retired Jun Prev Yr fp6854
1 Retired Jul Prev Yr fp6855
1 Retired Aug Prev Yr fp6856
1 Retired Sep Prev Yr fp6857
1 Retired Oct Prev Yr fp6858
1 Retired Nov Prev Yr fp6859
1 Retired Dec Prev Yr fp6860
1 In School,College Jan Prev Yr fp6861
1 In School,College Feb Prev Yr fp6862
1 In School,College Mar Prev Yr fp6863
1 In School,College Apr Prev Yr fp6864
1 In School,College May Prev Yr fp6865
1 In School,College Jun Prev Yr fp6866
1 In School,College Jul Prev Yr fp6867
1 In School,College Aug Prev Yr fp6868
1 In School,College Sep Prev Yr fp6869
1 In School,College Oct Prev Yr fp6870
1 In School,College Nov Prev Yr fp6871
1 In School,College Dec Prev Yr fp6872
1 Military,Community Service Jan Prev Yr fp6873
1 Military,Community Service Feb Prev Yr fp6874
1 Military,Community Service Mar Prev Yr fp6875
1 Military,Community Service Apr Prev Yr fp6876
1 Military,Community Service May Prev Yr fp6877
1 Military,Community Service Jun Prev Yr fp6878
1 Military,Community Service Jul Prev Yr fp6879
1 Military,Community Service Aug Prev Yr fp6880
1 Military,Community Service Sep Prev Yr fp6881
1 Military,Community Service Oct Prev Yr fp6882
1 Military,Community Service Nov Prev Yr fp6883
1 Military,Community Service Dec Prev Yr fp6884
1 Housewife,Househusband Jan Prev Yr fp6885
1 Housewife,Househusband Feb Prev Yr fp6886
1 Housewife,Househusband Mar Prev Yr fp6887
1 Housewife,Househusband Apr Prev Yr fp6888
1 Housewife,Househusband May Prev Yr fp6889
1 Housewife,Househusband Jun Prev Yr fp6890
1 Housewife,Househusband Jul Prev Yr fp6891
1 Housewife,Househusband Aug Prev Yr fp6892
1 Housewife,Househusband Sep Prev Yr fp6893
1 Housewife,Househusband Oct Prev Yr fp6894
1 Housewife,Househusband Nov Prev Yr fp6895
1 Housewife,Househusband Dec Prev Yr fp6896
1 Other Jan Prev Yr fp6897
1 Other Feb Prev Yr fp6898
1 Other Mar Prev Yr fp6899
1 Other Apr Prev Yr fp68100
1 Other May Prev Yr fp68101
1 Other Jun Prev Yr fp68102
1 Other Jul Prev Yr fp68103
1 Other Aug Prev Yr fp68104
1 Other Sep Prev Yr fp68105
1 Other Oct Prev Yr fp68106
1 Other Nov Prev Yr fp68107
1 Other Dec Prev Yr fp68108
1 Student Grant Jan Prev Yr fp7061
1 Student Grant Feb Prev Yr fp7062
1 Student Grant Mar Prev Yr fp7063
1 Student Grant Apr Prev Yr fp7064
1 Student Grant May Prev Yr fp7065
1 Student Grant Jun Prev Yr fp7066
1 Student Grant Jul Prev Yr fp7067
1 Student Grant Aug Prev Yr fp7068
1 Student Grant Sep Prev Yr fp7069
1 Student Grant Oct Prev Yr fp7070
1 Student Grant Nov Prev Yr fp7071
1 Student Grant Dec Prev Yr fp7072
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan Prev Yr fp7085
1 Unemployment Benefit Feb Prev Yr fp7086
1 Unemployment Benefit Mar Prev Yr fp7087
1 Unemployment Benefit Apr Prev Yr fp7088
1 Unemployment Benefit May Prev Yr fp7089
1 Unemployment Benefit Jun Prev Yr fp7090
1 Unemployment Benefit Jul Prev Yr fp7091
1 Unemployment Benefit Aug Prev Yr fp7092
1 Unemployment Benefit Sep Prev Yr fp7093
1 Unemployment Benefit Oct Prev Yr fp7094
1 Unemployment Benefit Nov Prev Yr fp7095
1 Unemployment Benefit Dec Prev Yr fp7096
1 Unemployment Relief Jan Prev Yr fp7097
1 Unemployment Relief Feb Prev Yr fp7098
1 Unemployment Relief Mar Prev Yr fp7099
1 Unemployment Relief Apr Prev Yr fp70100
1 Unemployment Relief May Prev Yr fp70101
1 Unemployment Relief Jun Prev Yr fp70102
1 Unemployment Relief Jul Prev Yr fp70103
1 Unemployment Relief Aug Prev Yr fp70104
1 Unemployment Relief Sep Prev Yr fp70105
1 Unemployment Relief Oct Prev Yr fp70106
1 Unemployment Relief Nov Prev Yr fp70107
1 Unemployment Relief Dec Prev Yr fp70108
1 Subsistence Allowance Jan Prev Yr fp70109
1 Subsistence Allowance Feb Prev Yr fp70110
1 Subsistence Allowance Mar Prev Yr fp70111
1 Subsistence Allowance Apr Prev Yr fp70112
1 Subsistence Allowance May Prev Yr fp70113
1 Subsistence Allowance Jun Prev Yr fp70114
1 Subsistence Allowance Jul Prev Yr fp70115
1 Subsistence Allowance Aug Prev Yr fp70116
1 Subsistence Allowance Sep Prev Yr fp70117
1 Subsistence Allowance Oct Prev Yr fp70118
1 Subsistence Allowance Nov Prev Yr fp70119
1 Subsistence Allowance Dec Prev Yr fp70120


Study: soep-core


Dataset: fpluecke

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