East specific questions from the Household questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=GHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ghhnr
1 Survey Year welle
1 Language Version gherfas
1 Questionnaire Version ghspkz
1 Person Number Providing Information gauskper
1 Number Of Persons In HH gh01e
1 Persons Added To Household After 1.7.1989 gh0201e
1 First Name1. Person gh0202e
1 First Name 2.Person gh0203e
1 First Name 3. Person gh0204e
1 Date First Person Moved In gh0205e
1 Date Second Person Moved In gh0206e
1 Date Third Person Moved In gh0207e
1 Persons Also In HH Up To1.7.89 gh03ae
1 First Person Not In HH Since gh03b01e
1 Current Residence Of First Person gh03b02e
1 Second Person Not In HH Since gh03b03e
1 Current Residence Of Second Person gh03b04e
1 Third Person Not In HH Since gh03b05e
1 Current Residence Of Third Person gh03b06e
1 Forth Person Not In HH Since gh03b07e
1 Current Residence Of Forth Person gh03b08e
1 Move Planned To The FRG gh04e
1 Children Under Age 16 In The HH gh05e
1 First Name Of 1. Child gh0601e
1 Birth Year Of 1. Child gh0602e
1 First Name Of 2. Child gh0603e
1 Birth Year Of 2. Child gh0604e
1 First Name Of 3. Child gh0605e
1 Birth Year Of 3. Child gh0606e
1 First Name Of 4.Child gh0607e
1 Birth Year Of 4. Child gh0608e
1 Pre-School Of 1. Child gh0701e
1 Day-Home For School Children, 1. Child gh0702e
1 Type Of School, 1. Child gh0703e
1 None Of These Schools, 1. Child gh0704e
1 Pre-School Of 2. Child gh0705e
1 Day-Home For School Children, 2. Child gh0706e
1 Type Of School, 2. Child gh0707e
1 None Of These Schools, 2. Child gh0708e
1 Pre-School Of 3. Child gh0709e
1 Day-Home For School Children, 3. Child gh0710e
1 Type Of School, 3. Child gh0711e
1 None Of These Schools, 3. Child gh0712e
1 Pre-School Of 4. Child gh0713e
1 Day-Home For School Children, 4. Child gh0714e
1 School Type, 4. Child gh0715e
1 None Of These Schools, 4. Child gh0716e
1 HH Has One Or More Cars gh0801e
1 HH Has Motorcycle, Moded gh0802e
1 HH Has Telephone gh0803e
1 HH Has Volour TV gh0804e
1 HH Has Freezer gh0805e
1 HH Has Automatic Washer gh0806e
1 HH Has Weekend Property gh0807e
1 Year Moved In gh09e
1 Year House Was Built gh10e
1 Condition Of House gh11e
1 Dwelling Has Kitchen gh1201e
1 Dwelling Has Bathroom. Shower gh1202e
1 Dwelling Has Hot Water Boiler gh1203e
1 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet gh1204e
1 Dwelling Has Central, Floor Heating gh1205e
1 Dwelling Has Balcony, Terrace gh1206e
1 Dwelling Has Basement gh1207e
1 Dwelling Has Garden gh1208e
1 Modernization: Kitchen gh1301e
1 Year Of Modernization: Kitchen gh1302e
1 Modernization: Bathroom, Toilet gh1303e
1 Year Of Modernization: Bathroom, Toilet gh1304e
1 Modernization: Heating gh1305e
1 Year Of Modernization: Heating gh1306e
1 Modernization: Windows gh1307e
1 Year Of Modernization: Windows gh1308e
1 Size Of Housing Unit In Sqm gh14e
1 Number Of Rooms gh15e
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In House Unit gh16e
1 Tenant Owner Of Dwelling gh17e
1 Building Management gh18e
1 Owner Of Dwelling gh1901e
1 Dwelling Rent Reduced By Landlord gh1902e
1 Ammount Of Monthly Rent gh2001e
1 Pays No Rent gh2002e
1 Heat, Hot Water Included In Rent gh21e
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month gh2201e
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month gh2202e
1 Cost Of heat Per Month unknown gh2203e
1 Ammount Of Rent Reduction gh2301e
1 Ammount Of Rent Reduction Per Month gh2302e
1 Adequacy Of Rent gh24e
1 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling gh25e
1 Other Costs Per Month, FRG Mark gh26e
1 Maintenance Costs Previous Year gh27e
1 Ammount Heating Costs Prev. Year gh28e
1 Other House Or Proporty Owned gh29e
1 Amt Of Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr gh3001e
1 Ammount Of Income From Rent Previous Yr gh3002e
1 Income From Farming,Livestock gh3101e
1 Amount Of Income From Farming,Livestock gh3102e
1 A Saving Accounts Prev. Year gh3201e
1 Combined Savings,Checking Acct Prev Yr gh3202e
1 C Life Insurance Prev. Year gh3203e
1 D Securities Prev. Year gh3204e
1 E Operating Assets Prev. Year gh3205e
1 No Securities gh3206e
1 Amt Of Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr gh3301e
1 Estimated Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr gh3302e
1 Relatives Or Friends In The FRG gh34e
1 Presents Received From The FRG gh3501e
1 Value Of Presents From The FRG Per Year gh3502e
1 Value Of Presents From The FRG , unknown gh3503e
1 Monthly Household Net Income gh36e
1 Adequacy Of Household Net Income gh37e
1 Interview Duration ghdaer1
1 Day Of Interview ghtagin
1 Month Of Interview ghmonin
1 Interviewer ID intid


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Dataset: ghost

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