Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=LHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) lhhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Survey Year welle
1 Language Version lperfas
1 Questionnaire Version lpspkz
1 Person Number Surveyed lbefrper
1 Satisfaction With Health lp0101
1 Satisfaction With Work lp0102
1 Satisfaction With Housework lp0103
1 Satisfaction With Household Income lp0104
1 Satisfaction With Dwelling lp0105
1 Satisfaction With Amount Of Leisure Time lp0106
1 Satisfaction With Leisure Time Activity lp0107
1 Satisfaction With Standard Of Living lp0108
1 Satisfaction With Environment lp0109
1 Hours Per Weekday On Job lp0201
1 Hours Per Weekday On Errands lp0202
1 Hours Per Weekday On Housework lp0203
1 Hours Per Weekday On Child Care lp0204
1 Hours Per Weekday On Education lp0205
1 Hours Per Weekday On Repairs/Yard Work lp0206
1 Hours Per Weekday On Other Activities lp0207
1 Hours Saturday On Job lp0208
1 Hours Saturday On Errands lp0209
1 Hours Saturday On Housework lp0210
1 Hours Saturday On Childcare lp0211
1 Hours Saturday On Education lp0212
1 Hours Saturday On Repairs/Yard Work lp0213
1 Hours Saturday On Other Activities lp0214
1 Hours Sunday On Job lp0215
1 Hours Sunday On Errands lp0216
1 Hours Sunday On Housework lp0217
1 Hours Sunday On Childcare lp0218
1 Hours Sunday On Education lp0219
1 Hours Sunday On Repairs,Yard Work lp0220
1 Hours Sunday On Other Activities lp0221
1 Family Members Helps Out lp0301
1 Regular Second Job lp0302
1 Odd Jobs For Pay lp0303
1 None Of These lp0304
1 Days Per Month On Second Job lp0501
1 Hours Per Day On Second Job lp0502
1 Go Out To Eat Or Drink lp0601
1 Visit Neighbors lp0602
1 Visit Family Members lp0603
1 Play Card And Board Games lp0604
1 Travel Or Go On Trips lp0605
1 Participate In Local Politics lp0606
1 Perform Volunteer Work lp0607
1 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events lp0608
1 Watch Television,Video lp0609
1 Read Non-Fiction And Fiction lp0610
1 Engage In Artistic, Musical Activities lp0611
1 Perform Handicraft,Home Repairs lp0612
1 Participate In Sports lp0613
1 Attend Sports Events lp0614
1 Attend Cinema,Pop,Jazz Concerts lp0615
1 Attend Cultural Events lp0616
1 Importance Of Being Able To Buy Things lp0701
1 Importance Of Being There For Others lp0702
1 Importance Of Being Fulfilled lp0703
1 Importance Of Success In Job lp0704
1 Importance Of Owning Home lp0705
1 Importance Of Good Marriage,Relationship lp0706
1 Importance Of Children lp0707
1 Importance Of Circle Of Friends lp0708
1 Importance Of Political Activity lp0709
1 Importance Of Travel lp0710
1 Have Control Over Own Life lp0801
1 Plans Are Unsuccessful lp0802
1 Behavior Determines Life lp0803
1 No One Can Escape Their Destiny lp0804
1 I Get Something Because Of Luck lp0805
1 Plans Turn To Reality lp0806
1 Something Unforseen Happens lp0807
1 The Outcome Is Always Different lp0808
1 Intentions Of Moving Away lp09
1 Intentions Of Moving Within Germany lp10
1 Confident About Future lp1101
1 Lonely lp1102
1 Enjoyment Of Work Work lp1103
1 Barely Able To Cope With Things lp1104
1 Full Or Part-Time Use Of Automobile lp1201
1 No Drivers License lp1202
1 Registered As Unemployed lp13
1 Currently Receiving Education,Training lp14
1 Now General-Education School lp1501
1 Now College lp1502
1 Now Vocational Retraining lp1503
1 Now Continued Vocational Education lp1504
1 Now Vocational Retraining lp1505
1 Now Continued General Education lp1506
1 Now Continued Other Education lp1507
1 Now Practical Training Preparation Year lp1508
1 Now Vocational School No Apprenticeship lp1509
1 Now Apprenticeship lp1510
1 Now Specialized Vocational School lp1511
1 Now School Of Health Care lp1512
1 Now Specialized Technical School lp1513
1 Now Civil Servant Training lp1514
1 Now Other Vocational Education lp1515
1 Left Job Since Start Of Prev Year lp16
1 Month Last Job Ended Previous Yr lp1701
1 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr lp1702
1 Years Worked On Last Job lp1801
1 Months Worked On Last Job lp1802
1 Company Closed Down lp1901
1 Retired lp1902
1 Took Early Retirement lp1903
1 Limited Term Employment Relationship lp1904
1 Education,Training Completed lp1905
1 Contract Terminated By Employer lp1906
1 Quit The Job lp1907
1 Employee Requested Transfer lp1908
1 Company Transferred Employee lp1909
1 Ended Self-Employment lp1910
1 On Leave Or Laid-Off lp1911
1 Other Reasons For Loss Of Job lp1912
1 Settlement From Last Company lp2001
1 Amount Of Settlement From Last Company lp2002
1 Employment Status lp21
1 Possibility Of Finding New Job lp22
1 Intention Regarding Future Employment lp23
1 When Will Future Employment Begin lp24
1 Interested In Full Or Part-Time Work lp25
1 Reasons For Working lp26
1 Begin Future Employment lp27
1 Active Job Hunt In The Last 3 Months lp28
1 Started New Job Since Previous Year lp29
1 Started Current Job, Month Prev. Year lp3001
1 Started Current Job, Month This Year lp3002
1 Type Of Job Change lp31
1 Compare Type Of Activity lp3201
1 Compare Earnings lp3202
1 Compare Advancement Opportunities lp3203
1 Compare Work Load lp3204
1 Compare Commuting lp3205
1 Compare Working Hour Regulations lp3206
1 Compare Job Benefits lp3207
1 Compare Job Security lp3208
1 Compare Use Of Professional Knowledge lp33
1 Actively Sought This Position lp34
1 Found Position Thru Employment Office lp3501
1 Found Position Thru Private Agency lp3502
1 Found Position Thru Newspaper lp3503
1 Found Position Thru Friends, Relatives lp3504
1 Returned To Former Employer lp3505
1 Applied On Chance lp3506
1 Other, E.G. Does Not Apply lp3507
1 Training Applies To Current Occupation lp37
1 No Particular Training lp3801
1 Brief On-The-Job Training lp3802
1 Longer On-The-Job Training lp3803
1 Training Course lp3804
1 Formal Vocational Training lp3805
1 Formal University Training lp3806
1 Civil Service Job lp39
1 Size Of Company lp40
1 At Current Employer Since-Year lp41
1 Duration Of Work Contract lp42
1 Type Of Blue-Collar Worker lp4301
1 Type Of Self-Employment lp4302
1 Currently In Education,Training lp4303
1 Type Of White-Collar Worker lp4304
1 Type Of Civil Servant lp4305
1 Place Of Work In Old-New Federal Lands lp44
1 Company Already Existed In June 1990 lp4501
1 Year Company Newly Founded lp4502
1 Month Company Newly Founded lp4503
1 Job Creation Measure Job lp46
1 Job Has Varied Job Duties lp4701
1 Job Is Physically Demanding lp4702
1 Job Duties Determined By Self lp4703
1 Job Time Depends On Amount Of Work lp4704
1 Job Output Is Strictly Controlled lp4705
1 Job Requires Shift Work lp4706
1 Job Difficulties With Supervisor lp4707
1 Job Has Contact With Fellow Workers lp4708
1 Job Includes Self In Decision Making lp4709
1 Work Experience Useful For Advancement lp4710
1 Job Has Undesirable Working Conditions lp4711
1 Job Is High Stress lp4712
1 Increased Risk Of Work Related Accidents lp4713
1 Contracted Wkly Wrk Hrs-Without Overtime lp4801
1 No Set Weekly Hours lp4802
1 Actual Weekly Work Hrs With Overtime lp49
1 Employer Pays Social Security Benefits lp50
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month lp5101
1 No Overtime Last Month lp5102
1 Compensated For Overtime lp52
1 Gross Income Last Month lp5301
1 Net Income Last Month lp5302
1 Salary Determnd By Collective Bargaining lp5401
1 Salary Freely Negotiated lp5402
1 Length Of Service A Factor In Promotion lp55
1 Company Pension lp56
1 Entitled To Company Pension lp5701
1 Year Became Entitled To Company Pension lp5702
1 Entitlement From Previous Employer lp58
1 Job-Sharing lp59
1 Working Days Per Week lp6001
1 No Fixed Working Days lp6002
1 Hours Per Working Day lp6101
1 Change, Irregular lp6102
1 Regular Work Hours lp6103
1 Required To Work Between 7 And 10 Pm lp6201
1 Required To Work Nights After 10 Pm lp6202
1 Required To Work On Saturdays lp6301
1 Required To Work On Sundays lp6302
1 Finish Work After Quitting Time lp64
1 Desired Number Of Hours Work Per Week lp65
1 Possibility Of Finding New Job lp66
1 Work And Reside In Same Town lp67
1 Commute Between Home And Work lp68
1 Distance To Place Of Work lp6901
1 Does Not Apply,Place Of Work Changes lp6902
1 Travel Time To Work In Hours lp7001
1 Travel Time To Work In Minutes lp7002
1 Means Of Transport To Place Of Work lp71
1 Cost Of Travel To And From Work lp7201
1 Cost Of Time Of Commuting To Work lp7202
1 Mental And Physical Stress Of Commute lp7203
1 Place Of Work In East Or West Germany lp73a
1 Agreement Of Job Versus Family,Household lp75
1 Importance Of Longer Store Hours lp7601
1 Importance Of Shorter Workweek lp7602
1 Importance Of More Flexible Working Week lp7603
1 Importance Of Better School Hours lp7604
1 Importance Of Reliable Child Care lp7605
1 Importance Of More Full-Day Schools lp7606
1 Second Job, Earnings lp7701
1 Gross Amt Second Job Monthly Income lp7702
1 Old-Age Pension, Invalid Pension Pension lp7703
1 Gross Amount Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension lp7704
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit lp7705
1 Gross Amount Of Widow-Er,Orphan Pension lp7706
1 Student Grant lp7707
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant lp7708
1 Maternity Benefit lp7709
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit lp7710
1 Unemployment Benefit lp7711
1 Gross Amount Of Unemployment Benefit lp7712
1 Unemployment Relief lp7713
1 Gross Amount Of Unemployment Relief lp7714
1 Maint.Support,Training lp7715
1 Gross Amount Maint. Support,Training lp7716
1 Income-Persons Not In HH lp7717
1 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH lp7718
1 No Other Income lp7719
1 Completed Education,Training Prev. Yr lp7801
1 Completed Training Month Prev. Yr lp7802
1 Completed Training Month Current Yr lp7803
1 General-Education School Degree lp7901
1 College Degree lp7902
1 Type Of College Degree lp7903
1 Primary Field Of Study In College lp7904
1 Occupation Trained For lp7905
1 Type Of Education,Training lp7906
1 Wages, Salary Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81a01
1 Mths Of Wages,Salary Prev. Yr lp81a02
1 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr lp81a03
1 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81b01
1 Mths Of Self-Employment Income Prev. Yr lp81b02
1 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr lp81b03
1 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81c01
1 Mths Of Second Job Income Prev. Yr lp81c02
1 Gross Amount Second Job Income Prev. Yr lp81c03
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81d01
1 Mths Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension Prev. Yr lp81d02
1 Gross Amt. O-Age, Invlid Pension Prv. Yr lp81d03
1 Widow-Er, Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prv. Yr lp81e01
1 Mths Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Prev. Yr lp81e02
1 Gross Amt Widow-Er,Orphan Benft Prv. Yr lp81e03
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81f01
1 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr lp81f02
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant lp81f03
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp81g01
1 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr lp81g02
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit lp81g03
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp81h01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr lp81h02
1 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr lp81h03
1 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp81i01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Relief Prev Yr lp81i02
1 Gross Amt Unemployment Relief Prev.Yr lp81i03
1 Maint.Support,Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81j01
1 Mths Maint.Support,Training Prev. Yr lp81j02
1 Gross Amt Maint.Support,Trnng Prev. Yr lp81j03
1 Income-Prsons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev. Yr lp81k01
1 Mths Of Income-Prsons Not In HH Prev. Yr lp81k02
1 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH lp81k03
1 No Income At All Prev Yr lp81m
1 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr lp8201
1 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr lp8202
1 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr lp8203
1 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr lp8204
1 Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr lp8205
1 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr lp8206
1 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr lp8207
1 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr lp8208
1 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr lp8209
1 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr lp8210
1 Other Bonuses Prev. Yr lp8211
1 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev. Yr lp8212
1 No Bonuses,Perks Prev. Yr lp8213
1 Short-Time Work Benefit Prev. Yr lp8301
1 Weeks Of Short-Time Benefit Prev. Yr lp8302
1 Bad Weather Benefit Prev. Yr lp8303
1 Weeks Of Bad Weather Benefit Prev. Yr lp8304
1 No S.Time, Badweather Benefit Prev. Yr lp8305
1 Amt. Worker Pension-Self lp8401
1 Amt. Of Supplementary Pension-Self lp8402o
1 Amt. Miner Pension-Self lp8403
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self lp8404
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self lp8405
1 Amt. Farmer Pension-Self lp8406
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self lp8407
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self lp8408
1 Amt. Company Pension-Self lp8409
1 Amt. Other Pension-Self lp8410
1 Amt. Worker Pension-Dependent lp8411
1 Amt. Of Supplementary Pension-Dependent lp8412o
1 Amt. Miner Pension-Dependent lp8413
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent lp8414
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Dependent lp8415
1 Amt. Farmer Pension-Dependent lp8416
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Dependent lp8417
1 Amt. Supplementary Pension-Dependent lp8418
1 Amt. Company Pension-Dependent lp8419
1 Amt. Other Pension-Dependent lp8420
1 Compulsory Paying Member lp8501
1 Voluntary Paying Member lp8502
1 Co-Insured Family Member lp8503
1 Privately Insured lp8504
1 Pensioned, Unemployed, Etc. Insured lp8505
1 No Health Insurance lp8506
1 Local Health Insurance Plan lp8601
1 Supplementary Health Insurance Plan lp8602
1 Company Health Insurance Plan lp8603
1 Guild Health Insurance Plan lp8604
1 Private Health Insurance Plan lp8605
1 Other Health Insurance Plan lp8606
1 Type Of Other Health Insurance lp8607
1 Amount Of Health Insurance Premium lp8608
1 Number Of Insured Persons lp8609
1 Reimbursement For Medical Treatment lp8610
1 Premiums For Compulsory Pension lp8701
1 Months Of Voluntary,Compulsory Pension lp8702
1 Amount Of Voluntary,Compulsory Premium lp8703
1 Payments To Parents Previous Yr lp8801
1 Amount Of Payments To Parents Prev Yr lp8802
1 Payments To Children Previous Yr lp8803
1 Amount Of Payments To Children Prev Yr lp8804
1 Payments To Ex-Spouse Previous Yr lp8805
1 Amount Of Payments To Ex-Spouse Prev Yr lp8806
1 Payments To Relatives Previous Yr lp8807
1 Amount Of Payments To Relatives Prev Yr lp8808
1 Payments To Others Previous Yr lp8809
1 Amount Of Payments To Others Prev Yr lp8810
1 No Payments Previous Yr lp8811
1 Current State Of Health lp89
1 Hindered By Health lp90
1 Severely Disabled lp9101
1 Degree Of Disability lp9102
1 Number Of Doctor Visits Last 3 Mths lp9201
1 No Doctor Visit Last 3 Mths lp9202
1 Hospital Stay Previous Year lp9301
1 Duration Of Hospital Stay Prev Yr lp9302
1 Number Of Hospital Stays Prev Yr lp9303
1 Gainful Employment In Previous Year lp9401
1 Not Out Sick Previous Year lp9402
1 Number Of Days Out Sick Previous Year lp9403
1 Out Sick More Than Six Wks Prev Yr lp9404
1 Times Out Sick More Than Six Wks Prev Yr lp9405
1 Treated By Doc For Work Injury Prev Yr lp95
1 In-Patient Treatment Prev Yr lp9601
1 Provider Of In-Patient Treatment Prev Yr lp9602
1 Political Interests lp97
1 Supports Political Party lp9801
1 Political Party Supported lp9802
1 Amount Of Support For Political Party lp9803
1 Worried About Economic Development lp9901
1 Worried About Finances lp9902
1 Worried About Environment lp9903
1 Worried About Peace lp9904
1 Worried About Dwelling lp9905
1 Worried About Crime lp9906
1 Worried About Job Security lp9907
1 Worried About Child Care lp9908
1 Worried About Foreigners In Germany lp99a09
1 Other Worries lp9910
1 Gender lp10001
1 Year Of Birth lp10002
1 Marital Status lp101
1 Currently Have Steady Partner lp10201
1 Partner Lives In Household lp10202
1 Month Married Previous Year lp10301
1 Month Married Survey Year lp10302
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year lp10303
1 Month Moved In Together Survey Year lp10304
1 Month Divorced Previous Year lp10305
1 Month Divorced Survey Year lp10306
1 Month Separated Previous Year lp10307
1 Month Separated Survey Year lp10308
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year lp10309
1 Month Partner Died Survey Year lp10310
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year lp10311
1 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year lp10312
1 Month Child Born Previous Year lp10313
1 Month Child Born Survey Year lp10314
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr lp10315
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr lp10316
1 Description Of Other HH Comp Change lp10317
1 No Change In HH Composition lp10318
1 Satisfaction With Life At Today lp10401
1 Satisfaction With Life In Five Years lp10402
1 Survey Instrument lpinta
1 Third Person Present lpdrpra
1 Communication With Interviewer lpverst1
1 Which Person Interpreter lpverst2
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview lpinda1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview lpinda2
1 Day Of The Interview lptagin
1 Month Of The Interview lpmonin
1 Interviewer Number lpintnr
1 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code lisco
1 TREIMAN Occupation Prestige Scale ltreiman
1 WEGENER Occupation Prestige Scale lwegener
1 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code liscou
1 1 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code liscoh
1 Branch Of Industry lbranche
1 Branch Of Industry Of Last Job lbranchb
1 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job liscon
1 TREIMAN Occupation Scale: Second Job ltreimn
1 WEGENER Occupation Scale: Second Job lwegenn
1 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job liscoun
1 1 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job liscohn
1 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation Code lisco88
1 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation: Second Job liscon88
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80a
1 Short-Time Work,In Queue Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80o
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80b
1 Education,Retraining Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80c
1 Officially Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80d
1 Retired Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80e
1 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80j
1 In School, College Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80f
1 Military, Community Service Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80g
1 Housewife, Househusband Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80h
1 Other Jan-Dec Prev Yr lp80i


Study: soep-core


Dataset: lpluecke

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