Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=VHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) vhhnr
1 Person Number Surveyed vbefrper
1 HH Number Previous Year With Person ID hhnrold
1 Serial Person Number In Previous Year pnrold
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7801
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7802
1 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7803
1 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7804
1 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7805
1 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7806
1 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7807
1 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7808
1 Military, Community Service, Social Year up7809
1 Military,Community Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr up7810
1 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7811
1 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7812
1 Left Job In 2002 up72
1 Month Last Job Ended 2002 up7301
1 Why Job Terminated up75
1 Years Worked On Last Job up7401
1 Months Worked On Last Job up7402
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr up79h01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr up79h02
1 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr up79i01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Relief Prev Yr up79i02
1 Maint.Support,Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79j01
1 Mths Maint.Support,Training Prev. Yr up79j02
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79l01
1 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr up79l02
1 Completed Education,Training Prev. Yr up7001
1 Completed Training Month Prev. Yr up7002
1 Education Successfully Completed up7101
1 General-Education School Degree up7102
1 College Degree up7103
1 Type Of College Degree up7104
1 Primary Field Of Study In College up7105
1 Occupation Trained For up7106
1 Type Of Education,Training up7107
1 Sex up13901
1 Year Of Birth up13902
1 Married up14401
1 Month Married Previous Year up14402
1 Moved In Together up14404
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year up14405
1 Child Born up14407
1 Month Child Born Previous Year up14408
1 Child Moved Out up14410
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year up14411
1 Separated From Partner up14413
1 Month Separated Previous Year up14414
1 Divorced up14416
1 Month Divorced Previous Year up14417
1 Partner Died up14419
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year up14420
1 Father Died up14422
1 Father Died Survey Year up14423
1 Mother Died up14425
1 Mother Died Survey Year up14426
1 Other HH Comp Change up14428
1 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr up14429
1 No Change In HH Composition up14431
1 Survey Instrument upinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview updauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview updauer2
1 Day Of Interview uptagin
1 Month Of Interview upmonin
1 Interviewer Number upintnr


Study: soep-core


Dataset: upluecke

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