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1 We'll start with some statements beginning with phrases like „I am“ or „I have“ or „I try“. You might think a statement is completely true of you („completely true of me“) or that it isn't true of you at all („not true of me at all“). It might also be partially true of you. Please answer all the questions as well as you can, even if you're not sure or if the question seems strange to you. 1
2 What grade are you in right now? 2
3 How many students are there in total in your grade? 3
4 And how many of these students are not from Germany or have parents who aren't from Germany? 4
5 Do you think that the teachers… 5
6 What was your grade in the following three subjects on your last report card? 6
7 What type of secondary school do you want to graduate from—that is, what school-leaving certificate do you want to obtain? 7
8 How important is it to you that you graduate from this type of secondary school and obtain the respective school-leaving certificate? 8
9 And what type of secondary school do you think you will graduate from and obtain the respective school-leaving certificate? 9
10 How interested are your parents in your performance at school? 10
11 Think about your class schedule. For each weekday, please state what time school starts and ends. Please also state how often you go to school on Saturdays. 11
12 Now we'd like to know whether you spend time after school at the following places. How many hours are you there on weekdays, adding up the total number of hours from Monday to Friday? And how many hours on weekends, adding up all the hours on Saturday and Sunday? 12
13 Where do you do your homework most of the time? 13
14 How much time do you usually spend doing homework and studying for school? 14
15 How often do the following people help you with your homework and studying for school? 15
16 How often do you take part in the following recreational activities? 16
17 How many close friends do you have? 17
18 We'd like to know a little about your three best friends who you see on a regular basis and who are around the same age as you are. What type of secondary school do they want to graduate from and obtain the respective school-leaving certificate? 18
19 How often do your parents try to have a say in who you spend your time with or who your friends are? 19
20 Do you have older siblings? 20
21 Now we have a question about three of your older siblings 21
22 Where and with whom do you eat your meals? Please answer for normal weekdays and weekends, even if it's not always the same. 22
23 What is your current height (in centimeters)? 23
24 What is your current weight (in kilograms)? 24
25 The next question is about how your friends, siblings, and parents behave towards you. 25
26 People can have many different qualities—some are listed below. You will probably think that some of these are completely true of you whereas others are not at all. And with some of them, you might not be sure. 26
27 Are you generally a person who is willing to take risks or do you try to avoid taking risks? 27
28 What do you have at home? Do you have… 28
29 What's in your home? Is there / are there.... 29
30 Are the following devices available at your home for you to use? If so, please state whether they're yours or whether you share them with other family members. 30
31 Do all the people living in this household speak German to you or is there any other language? 31
32 In conclusion, we would like to ask you how satisfied you are with your life in general. 32
33 What is the date today and what time did you finish filling out the questionnaire? a
34 How was the interview conducted? b
35 Duration of the interview c
36 Were other persons present while filling out the questionnaire? d
37 Other notes: e
38 IN in
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