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  • Title: SOEPlong
  • Label: Long format of the German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)
  • Citation guideline: see SOEP-Core
  • Persistent identifier: 10.5684/soep.v32.1
  • Investigators/authors: Jürgen Schupp; Peter Krause; Jan Goebel; Martin Kroh; Carsten Schröder; Charlotte Bartels; Klaudia Erhardt; Alexandra Fedorets; Marco Giesselmann; Markus Grabka; Simon Kühne; David Richter; Rainer Siegers; Paul Schmelzer; Christian Schmitt; Daniel Schnitzlein; Knut Wenzig

Study info

SOEPlong is a complete and user-friendly data format for all wave-specific data, primary and generated, from SOEPcore. In the classic delivery, the data are provided annually as individual files and. Ppriority is given to faithful reproduction of the data and the original sequence based on the respective survey instrument. On the basis of structured programmes, SOEPlong includes all SOEPcore data as timely and consistent long-variables. The time-consuming data preparation required for analyses is facilitated by SOEPlong in many ways: (1) SOEPlong provides all variables as time-consistent long-variables – this makes individual collecting, renaming, and recoding of variables in the time course unnecessary. (2) If required, the long-variables are already recoded (e.g., changing categories in the time course or income data in euro) and integrated (i.e. variables from P/H-OST / PAUSL / P_MIG datasets). All changed variables are additionally provided as original coded long-variables for the respective years for alternative recoding. (3) Moreover, figures for all long-variables are provided which document temporal monitoring, time-course distribution (bar charts and violin plots), acquisition and consistency of the population (missings) in the time course. Provenance details infrom the biography and life history dataquestionnaires are only shared in SOEPlong (BIO). Moreover, the variables partner-status and partner-ID – also for non-realised household members – as well as enumerated weights are only available in SOEPlong (P/H-PFADL). Specifically, the following files are provided in SOEPlong Version v301 (prepared biography and spell data are already available as long or spell format in SOEPcore and can be linked in the same way in SOEPlong)

A more detailled overview can be found in the Desktop Companion in chapter Principles of data structure.


Code Meaning
-1 no answer /don`t know
-2 does not apply
-3 implausible value
-4 inadmissible multiple response
-5 not included in this version of the questionnaire
-6 version of questionnaire with modified filtering
-8 question not part of the survey programm this year*

*Only applicable for datasets in long format.

Data set

Table Matching of SOEPlong and cross-sectional datasets from SOEP-CORE

SOEPlong SOEPcore
Tracking Files
ppfadl ppfad, phrf
hpfadl hpfad, hhrf
pbrutto bpbrutto, ..., zpbrutto, bapbrutto, bbpbrutto, ...
hbrutto bhbrutto, ..., zhbrutto, bahbrutto, bbhbrutto, ...
pl ap, ..., zp, bap, bbp, ...
hl ah, ..., zh, bah, bbh, ...
kidl kidlong (akind, ..., zkind, bakind, bbkind, ...)
bio biolela, mlela, ..., zlela, balela, bblela, ...
jugend qjugend, ..., zjugend, bajugend, bbjugend, ...
Generated Files
pgen apgen, ..., zpgen, bapgen, bbpgen, ...
hgen ahgen, ..., zhgen, bahgen, bbhgen, ...
pkal apkal, ..., zpkal, bapkal, bbpkal, ...
pequiv apequiv, ..., zpequiv, bapequiv, bbpequiv, ...
Study info

Name: soep-long

Label: SOEPlong


Name Label Conceptual Period Analysis unit
hpfadl Household Tracking File track h
hbrutto Gross Household Data org/gross h
pbr_exit Cumulated Exit track p
pl Original Individual Data org/net p
pkal Individual Calendar gen p
pgen Generated Individual Data gen p
csamp Sample Definition survey h
ppfad Individual Tracking File track p
hpfad Household Tracking File track h
pbrutto Gross Individual Data org/gross p
kidl Data on children org/net p
pequiv Cross-national Equivalent File gen p
biol Biographical Data org/net p
ppfadl Individual Tracking File track p
hgen Generated Household Data gen h
jugendl Youth questionnaire org/net p
hl Original Household Data org/net h
pl2 PC Variables: Personal questionnaire org/net p


Name Label Period Analysis Unit

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