Data on children

Contains information about children, asked in the household questionnaire. It is keyed on PID (Person ID of the child!) and SYEAR (Survey Year), see


Sort Variable Name
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Wave-Specific Household Id hid
1 Id of Child pid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Nationality k_nat
1 Member Of Household k_inhh
1 Number Of Persons In Household k_size
1 Number Of Children In Household k_nrkid
1 Relationship To Head Of Household k_rel
1 Serial Number Of Child k_nrinhh
1 Pointer To Head Of Household k_phead
1 Pointer To Partner Of Head k_pheadp
1 Pointer To Mother k_pmum
1 Pointer To Partner Of Mother k_pmump
1 Language Version of Questionnaire k_instr
1 Pre-School ks_pre
1 General Education System ks_gen
1 Vocational School ks_vocat
1 None Of These Schools ks_none
1 General School East Germany ks_east
1 Day-Home For School Children,East ks_eastp
1 Other Type of School ks_other
1 Public Institution kd_publ
1 Private Provider Of Facility kd_priv
1 Independent Provider Of Facility kd_indep
1 Company Facility kd_comp
1 Commercial Provider Of Facility kd_comm
1 Rely On Hours Being Kept kd_rely
1 Time Of Day Of Care kd_time
1 Hours Per Day In Care kd_hrs
1 Lunch At The Facility kd_lunch
1 Lunch at School ks_lunch
1 Costs for School Per Month ks_amtp
1 School: No Costs ks_cost
1 Costs for Pre-School/ Month kk_amtp
1 Pre-School: No Costs kk_cost
1 Fee Payable For Attendence kd_fee
1 Amount Paid kd_amtp
1 Carer: Relatives kc_relat
1 Carer: Friends, etc. kc_frnd
1 Carer: Paid Care kc_paid
1 Child Minder kc_mindr
1 Carer: None kc_none
1 Gymnastics Under 6 ka06_spo
1 Music Education Under 6 ka06_mus
1 Under 6 Years: Art Class ka06_art
1 Under 6 Year: Mother-Child Playgroup ka06_oth
1 No Activities Under 6 ka06_non
1 6 Years And Older: School Sports Club ka16_ssp
1 6 Years And Older: School Music Club ka16_smu
1 6 Years And Older: School Art Club ka16_sar
1 6 Years And Older: School Theatre Club ka16_sth
1 6 Years And Older: Other School Activities ka16_sot
1 6 Years And Older: Non School Sports Club ka16_spo
1 6 Years And Older: Non School Music Club ka16_mus
1 6 Years And Older: Non School Art Club ka16_art
1 6 Years And Older: Volunteer Fire Department, Red Cross ka16_org
1 6 Years And Above: Youth Group Outside School ka16_yth
1 6 Years And Older: Non School Youth Center ka16_ctr
1 6 Years And Above: No Activities ka16_non
1 amount of costs per month k_amtp
1 no costs k_cost
1 External Care: Average Costs/ Month kc_amtp
1 External Care: No Costs kc_cost
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest k_samp


Study: soep-long


Dataset: kidl

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