Individual Calendar

Contains individual-level generated data by transforming the calendar information of the individual questionnaire from condensed string format to explicit variables for each month. It is keyed on PID (Person ID) and SYEAR (Survey Year).


Sort Variable Name
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Employed Full-Time In Prev. Yr kal1a01
1 Employed Full-Time No. Months Prev. Yr kal1a02
1 Employed Part-Time In Prev. Yr kal1b01
1 Employed Part-Time No. Months Prev. Yr kal1b02
1 Education, Retraining In Prev. Yr kal1c01
1 Education, Retraining No. Months Prev. Yr kal1c02
1 Officially Unemployed Prev Yr kal1d01
1 Officially Unemployed Prev Yr No.Months kal1d02
1 Retired In Prev. Yr kal1e01
1 Retired No. Months Prev. Yr kal1e02
1 Maternity Benefit In Prev. Yr kal1f01
1 Maternity Benefit No. Months Prev. Yr kal1f02
1 In School, College In Prev. Yr kal1g01
1 In School, College No. Months Prev. Yr kal1g02
1 Military,Civilian Service Prev Yr kal1h01
1 Military,Civilian Service Prev Yr No.Months kal1h02
1 Full-Time Housework In Prev. Yr kal1i01
1 Full-Time Housework No. Months Prev. Yr kal1i02
1 Other In Prev. Yr kal1j01
1 Other No. Months Prev. Yr kal1j02
1 short time work prev. Yr. kal1k01
1 short time work no. Months prev. Yr. kal1k02
1 Berufl Fortbildg,Umsch im Jahr kal1m01
1 Berufl Fortbildg,Umsch N-Monate kal1m02
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Prev. Yr. kal1n01
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) No. Months Prev. Yr. kal1n02
1 Employed Full-Time Jan Prev Yr kal1a001
1 Employed Full-Time Feb Prev Yr kal1a002
1 Employed Full-Time Mar Prev Yr kal1a003
1 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev Yr kal1a004
1 Employed Full-Time May Prev Yr kal1a005
1 Employed Full-Time Jun Prev Yr kal1a006
1 Employed Full-Time Jul Prev Yr kal1a007
1 Employed Full-Time Aug Prev Yr kal1a008
1 Employed Full-Time Sep Prev Yr kal1a009
1 Employed Full-Time Oct Prev Yr kal1a010
1 Employed Full-Time Nov Prev Yr kal1a011
1 Employed Full-Time Dec Prev Yr kal1a012
1 Employed Part-Time Jan Prev Yr kal1b001
1 Employed Part-Time Feb Prev Yr kal1b002
1 Employed Part-Time Mar Prev Yr kal1b003
1 Employed Part-Time Apr Prev Yr kal1b004
1 Employed Part-Time May Prev Yr kal1b005
1 Employed Part-Time Jun Prev Yr kal1b006
1 Employed Part-Time Jul Prev Yr kal1b007
1 Employed Part-Time Aug Prev Yr kal1b008
1 Employed Part-Time Sep Prev Yr kal1b009
1 Employed Part-Time Oct Prev Yr kal1b010
1 Employed Part-Time Nov Prev Yr kal1b011
1 Employed Part-Time Dec Prev Yr kal1b012
1 Education, Retraining Jan Prev. Yr. kal1c001
1 Education, Retraining Feb Prev. Yr. kal1c002
1 Education, Retraining Mar Prev. Yr. kal1c003
1 Education, Retraining Apr Prev. Yr. kal1c004
1 Education, Retraining May Prev. Yr. kal1c005
1 Education, Retraining Jun Prev. Yr. kal1c006
1 Education, Retraining Jul Prev. Yr. kal1c007
1 Education, Retraining Aug Prev. Yr. kal1c008
1 Education, Retraining Sep Prev. Yr. kal1c009
1 Education, Retraining Oct Prev. Yr. kal1c010
1 Education, Retraining Nov Prev. Yr. kal1c011
1 Education, Retraining Dec Prev. Yr. kal1c012
1 Officially Unemployed Jan Prev Yr kal1d001
1 Officially Unemployed Feb Prev Yr kal1d002
1 Officially Unemployed Mar Prev Yr kal1d003
1 Officially Unemployed Apr Prev Yr kal1d004
1 Officially Unemployed May Prev Yr kal1d005
1 Officially Unemployed Jun Prev Yr kal1d006
1 Officially Unemployed Jul Prev Yr kal1d007
1 Officially Unemployed Aug Prev Yr kal1d008
1 Officially Unemployed Sep Prev Yr kal1d009
1 Officially Unemployed Oct Prev Yr kal1d010
1 Officially Unemployed Nov Prev Yr kal1d011
1 Officially Unemployed Dec Prev Yr kal1d012
1 Retired Jan Previous Yr. kal1e001
1 Retired Feb Previous Yr. kal1e002
1 Retired Mar Previous Yr. kal1e003
1 Retired Apr Previous Yr. kal1e004
1 Retired May Previous Yr. kal1e005
1 Retired Jun Previous Yr. kal1e006
1 Retired Jul Previous Yr. kal1e007
1 Retired Aug Previous Yr. kal1e008
1 Retired Sep Previous Yr. kal1e009
1 Retired Oct Previous Yr. kal1e010
1 Retired Nov Previous Yr. kal1e011
1 Retired Dec Previous Yr. kal1e012
1 Maternity Benefit Jan Previous Yr. kal1f001
1 Maternity Benefit Feb Previous Yr. kal1f002
1 Maternity Benefit Mar Previous Yr. kal1f003
1 Maternity Benefit Apr Previous Yr. kal1f004
1 Maternity Benefit May Previous Yr. kal1f005
1 Maternity Benefit Jun Previous Yr. kal1f006
1 Maternity Benefit Jul Previous Yr. kal1f007
1 Maternity Benefit Aug Previous Yr. kal1f008
1 Maternity Benefit Sep Previous Yr. kal1f009
1 Maternity Benefit Oct Previous Yr. kal1f010
1 Maternity Benefit Nov Previous Yr. kal1f011
1 Maternity Benefit Dec Previous Yr. kal1f012
1 In School, College Jan Previous Yr. kal1g001
1 In School, College Feb Previous Yr. kal1g002
1 In School, College Mar Previous Yr. kal1g003
1 In School, College Apr Previous Yr. kal1g004
1 In School, College May Previous Yr. kal1g005
1 In School, College Jun Previous Yr. kal1g006
1 In School, College Jul Previous Yr. kal1g007
1 In School, College Aug Previous Yr. kal1g008
1 In School, College Sep Previous Yr. kal1g009
1 In School, College Oct Previous Yr. kal1g010
1 In School, College Nov Previous Yr. kal1g011
1 In School, College Dec Previous Yr. kal1g012
1 Military,Civilian Service Jan Prev Yr kal1h001
1 Military,Civilian Service Feb Prev Yr kal1h002
1 Military,Civilian Service Mar Prev Yr kal1h003
1 Military,Civilian Service Apr Prev Yr kal1h004
1 Military,Civilian Service May Prev Yr kal1h005
1 Military,Civilian Service Jun Prev Yr kal1h006
1 Military,Civilian Service Jul Prev Yr kal1h007
1 Military,Civilian Service Aug Prev Yr kal1h008
1 Military,Civilian Service Sep Prev Yr kal1h009
1 Military,Civilian Service Oct Prev Yr kal1h010
1 Military,Civilian Service Nov Prev Yr kal1h011
1 Military,Civilian Service Dec Prev Yr kal1h012
1 Full-Time Housework Jan Previous Yr. kal1i001
1 Full-Time Housework Feb Previous Yr. kal1i002
1 Full-Time Housework Mar Previous Yr. kal1i003
1 Full-Time Housework Apr Previous Yr. kal1i004
1 Full-Time Housework May Previous Yr. kal1i005
1 Full-Time Housework Jun Previous Yr. kal1i006
1 Full-Time Housework Jul Previous Yr. kal1i007
1 Full-Time Housework Aug Previous Yr. kal1i008
1 Full-Time Housework Sep Previous Yr. kal1i009
1 Full-Time Housework Oct Previous Yr. kal1i010
1 Full-Time Housework Nov Previous Yr. kal1i011
1 Full-Time Housework Dec Previous Yr. kal1i012
1 Other Jan Previous Yr. kal1j001
1 Other Feb Previous Yr. kal1j002
1 Other Mar Previous Yr. kal1j003
1 Other Apr Previous Yr. kal1j004
1 Other May Previous Yr. kal1j005
1 Other Jun Previous Yr. kal1j006
1 Other Jul Previous Yr. kal1j007
1 Other Aug Previous Yr. kal1j008
1 Other Sep Previous Yr. kal1j009
1 Other Oct Previous Yr. kal1j010
1 Other Nov Previous Yr. kal1j011
1 Other Dec Previous Yr. kal1j012
1 short time work Jan previous yr. kal1k001
1 short time work Feb previous yr. kal1k002
1 short time work Mar previous yr kal1k003
1 short time work Apr previous yr kal1k004
1 short time work May previous yr kal1k005
1 short time work Jun previous yr kal1k006
1 short time work Jul previous yr kal1k007
1 short time work Aug previous yr kal1k008
1 short time work Sep previous yr kal1k009
1 short time work Oct previous yr kal1k010
1 short time work Nov previous yr kal1k011
1 short time work Dec previous yr kal1k012
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jan kal1m001
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Feb kal1m002
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Mar kal1m003
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Apr kal1m004
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining May kal1m005
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jun kal1m006
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jul kal1m007
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Aug kal1m008
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Sep kal1m009
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Oct kal1m010
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Nov kal1m011
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Dec kal1m012
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jan kal1n001
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Feb kal1n002
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Mar kal1n003
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Apr kal1n004
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) May kal1n005
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jun kal1n006
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jul kal1n007
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Aug kal1n008
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Sep kal1n009
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Okt kal1n010
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Nov kal1n011
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Dec kal1n012
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1a
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1b
1 Education, Retraining Jan-Dec Prev. Yr. kal1c
1 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr kal1d
1 Retired Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1e
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1f
1 In School,College Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1g
1 Military,Comm Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr kal1h
1 Full-Time Housework Jan-Dec Previous Yr. kal1i
1 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr kal1j
1 short time work Jan-Dec previous Yr. kal1k
1 On-the Job Training, Retraining Prev Year kal1m
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jan-Dec kal1n
1 Wages,Salary Previous Yr. kal2a01
1 Wages,Salary Months Previous Yr. kal2a02
1 Wages,Salary Amount Previous Yr. kal2a03
1 Wages,Salary Previous Yr. NET kal2a04
1 Self-Employment Income Previous Yr. kal2b01
1 Self-Employment Income Months Prev. Yr. kal2b02
1 Self-Employment Income Amount Prev. Yr. kal2b03
1 Self-Employment Income Previous Yr. NET kal2b04
1 Second Job Income Previous Yr. kal2c01
1 Second Job Income Months Previous Yr. kal2c02
1 Second Job Income Amount Previous Yr. kal2c03
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Previous Yr. kal2d01
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Months Prev. Yr. kal2d02
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Amount Prev. Yr. kal2d03
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Previous Yr. kal2e01
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Months Prev. Yr. kal2e02
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Amount Prev. Yr. kal2e03
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2f01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr kal2f02
1 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr kal2f03
1 Unemployment Relief Previous Yr. kal2g01
1 Unemployment Relief Months Previous Yr. kal2g02
1 Unemployment Relief Amount Previous Yr. kal2g03
1 Subsistence Allowance Previous Yr. kal2h01
1 Subsistence Allowance Months Previous Yr. kal2h02
1 Subsistence Allowance Amount Previous Yr. kal2h03
1 Old-Age Transition Benefit Previous Yr. kal2i01
1 Old-Age Transition Benefit Months Prev. Yr. kal2i02
1 Old-Age Transition Benefit Amount Prev. Yr. kal2i03
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2j01
1 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr kal2j02
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit kal2j03
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr kal2k01
1 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr kal2k02
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant kal2k03
1 Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr kal2l01
1 Months Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr kal2l02
1 Gross Amount Military,Com.Pay Prev. Yr kal2l03
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Previous Yr. kal2m01
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Months Previous Yr. kal2m02
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Amount Previous Yr. kal2m03
1 Alimony, Child Support Previous Year kal2o01
1 Alimony, Child Support Months Prev. Yr. kal2o02
1 Alimony, Child Support Amount Prev. Yr. kal2o03
1 Company Pension Previous Year kal2p01
1 Company Pension Months Previous Year kal2p02
1 Company Pension Amount Previous Year kal2p03
1 Private Pension Previous Year kal2q01
1 Private Pension Months Previous Year kal2q02
1 Private Pension Amount Previous Year kal2q03
1 None Of These Income Prev Yr kal2n01
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr kal2r01
1 Mths Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr kal2r02
1 Alimony, Child Support Previous Year kal2s01
1 Alimony, Child Support Months Prev. Yr. kal2s02
1 Alimony, Child Support Amount Prev. Yr. kal2s03
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Yr kal2t01
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund months prev. Yr kal2t02
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund amount prev. Yr kal2t03
1 Child Support Prev. Year kal2u01
1 Child Support Moths Pr. Yr. kal2u02
1 Child Support Pr. Yr. Amt. kal2u03
1 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner Pr. Yr. kal2v01
1 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner Months Pr. Yr. kal2v02
1 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner Amt. Pr. Yr. kal2v03
1 Wages,Salary Jan Prev Yr kal2a001
1 Wages,Salary Feb Prev Yr kal2a002
1 Wages,Salary Mar Prev Yr kal2a003
1 Wages,Salary Apr Prev Yr kal2a004
1 Wages,Salary May Prev Yr kal2a005
1 Wages,Salary Jun Prev Yr kal2a006
1 Wages,Salary Jul Prev Yr kal2a007
1 Wages,Salary Aug Prev Yr kal2a008
1 Wages,Salary Sep Prev Yr kal2a009
1 Wages,Salary Oct Prev Yr kal2a010
1 Wages,Salary Nov Prev Yr kal2a011
1 Wages,Salary Dec Prev Yr kal2a012
1 Self-Employment Income Jan Prev Yr kal2b001
1 Self-Employment Income Feb Prev Yr kal2b002
1 Self-Employment Income Mar Prev Yr kal2b003
1 Self-Employment Income Apr Prev Yr kal2b004
1 Self-Employment Income May Prev Yr kal2b005
1 Self-Employment Income Jun Prev Yr kal2b006
1 Self-Employment Income Jul Prev Yr kal2b007
1 Self-Employment Income Aug Prev Yr kal2b008
1 Self-Employment Income Sep Prev Yr kal2b009
1 Self-Employment Income Oct Prev Yr kal2b010
1 Self-Employment Income Nov Prev Yr kal2b011
1 Self-Employment Income Dec Prev Yr kal2b012
1 Second Job Income Jan Prev Yr kal2c001
1 Second Job Income Feb Prev Yr kal2c002
1 Second Job Income Mar Prev Yr kal2c003
1 Second Job Income Apr Prev Yr kal2c004
1 Second Job Income May Prev Yr kal2c005
1 Second Job Income Jun Prev Yr kal2c006
1 Second Job Income Jul Prev Yr kal2c007
1 Second Job Income Aug Prev Yr kal2c008
1 Second Job Income Sep Prev Yr kal2c009
1 Second Job Income Oct Prev Yr kal2c010
1 Second Job Income Nov Prev Yr kal2c011
1 Second Job Income Dec Prev Yr kal2c012
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan Prev Yr kal2d001
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Feb Prev Yr kal2d002
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Mar Prev Yr kal2d003
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Apr Prev Yr kal2d004
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension May Prev Yr kal2d005
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jun Prev Yr kal2d006
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jul Prev Yr kal2d007
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Aug Prev Yr kal2d008
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Sep Prev Yr kal2d009
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Oct Prev Yr kal2d010
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Nov Prev Yr kal2d011
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Dec Prev Yr kal2d012
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Jan Prev Yr kal2e001
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Feb Prev Yr kal2e002
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Mar Prev Yr kal2e003
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Apr Prev Yr kal2e004
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit May Prev Yr kal2e005
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Jun Prev Yr kal2e006
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Jul Prev Yr kal2e007
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Aug Prev Yr kal2e008
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Sep Prev Yr kal2e009
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Oct Prev Yr kal2e010
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Nov Prev Yr kal2e011
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Dec Prev Yr kal2e012
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan Prev Yr kal2f001
1 Unemployment Benefit Feb Prev Yr kal2f002
1 Unemployment Benefit Mar Prev Yr kal2f003
1 Unemployment Benefit Apr Prev Yr kal2f004
1 Amount Of Unemployment Benefit May 89 kal2f005
1 Unemployment Benefit Jun Prev Yr kal2f006
1 Unemployment Benefit Jul Prev Yr kal2f007
1 Unemployment Benefit Aug Prev Yr kal2f008
1 Unemployment Benefit Sep Prev Yr kal2f009
1 Unemployment Benefit Oct Prev Yr kal2f010
1 Unemployment Benefit Nov Prev Yr kal2f011
1 Unemployment Benefit Dec Prev Yr kal2f012
1 Unemployment Relief Jan Prev Yr kal2g001
1 Unemployment Relief Feb Prev Yr kal2g002
1 Unemployment Relief Mar Prev Yr kal2g003
1 Unemployment Relief Apr Prev Yr kal2g004
1 Unemployment Relief May Prev Yr kal2g005
1 Unemployment Relief Jun Prev Yr kal2g006
1 Unemployment Relief Jul Prev Yr kal2g007
1 Unemployment Relief Aug Prev Yr kal2g008
1 Unemployment Relief Sep Prev Yr kal2g009
1 Unemployment Relief Oct Prev Yr kal2g010
1 Unemployment Relief Nov Prev Yr kal2g011
1 Unemployment Relief Dec Prev Yr kal2g012
1 Subsistence Allowance Jan Prev Yr kal2h001
1 Subsistence Allowance Feb Prev Yr kal2h002
1 Subsistence Allowance Mar Prev Yr kal2h003
1 Subsistence Allowance Apr Prev Yr kal2h004
1 Subsistence Allowance May Prev Yr kal2h005
1 Subsistence Allowance Jun Prev Yr kal2h006
1 Subsistence Allowance Jul Prev Yr kal2h007
1 Subsistence Allowance Aug Prev Yr kal2h008
1 Subsistence Allowance Sep Prev Yr kal2h009
1 Subsistence Allowance Oct Prev Yr kal2h010
1 Subsistence Allowance Nov Prev Yr kal2h011
1 Subsistence Allowance Dec Prev Yr kal2h012
1 Maternity Benefit Jan Prev Yr kal2j001
1 Maternity Benefit Feb Prev Yr kal2j002
1 Maternity Benefit Mar Prev Yr kal2j003
1 Maternity Benefit Apr Prev Yr kal2j004
1 Maternity Benefit May Prev Yr kal2j005
1 Maternity Benefit Jun Prev Yr kal2j006
1 Maternity Benefit Jul Prev Yr kal2j007
1 Maternity Benefit Aug Prev Yr kal2j008
1 Maternity Benefit Sep Prev Yr kal2j009
1 Maternity Benefit Oct Prev Yr kal2j010
1 Maternity Benefit Nov Prev Yr kal2j011
1 Maternity Benefit Dec Prev Yr kal2j012
1 Student Grant Jan Prev Yr kal2k001
1 Student Grant Feb Prev Yr kal2k002
1 Student Grant Mar Prev Yr kal2k003
1 Student Grant Apr Prev Yr kal2k004
1 Student Grant May Prev Yr kal2k005
1 Student Grant Jun Prev Yr kal2k006
1 Student Grant Jul Prev Yr kal2k007
1 Student Grant Aug Prev Yr kal2k008
1 Student Grant Sep Prev Yr kal2k009
1 Student Grant Oct Prev Yr kal2k010
1 Student Grant Nov Prev Yr kal2k011
1 Student Grant Dec Prev Yr kal2k012
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jan Prev Yr kal2m001
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Feb Prev Yr kal2m002
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Mar Prev Yr kal2m003
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Apr Prev Yr kal2m004
1 Income-Persons Not In HH May Prev Yr kal2m005
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jun Prev Yr kal2m006
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jul Prev Yr kal2m007
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Aug Prev Yr kal2m008
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Sep Prev Yr kal2m009
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Oct Prev Yr kal2m010
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Nov Prev Yr kal2m011
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Dec Prev Yr kal2m012
1 None Of These Income Jan Prev Yr kal2n001
1 None Of These Income Feb Prev Yr kal2n002
1 None Of These Income Mar Prev Yr kal2n003
1 None Of These Income Apr Prev Yr kal2n004
1 None Of These Income May Prev Yr kal2n005
1 None Of These Income Jun Prev Yr kal2n006
1 None Of These Income Jul Prev Yr kal2n007
1 None Of These Income Aug Prev Yr kal2n008
1 None Of These Income Sep Prev Yr kal2n009
1 None Of These Income Oct Prev Yr kal2n010
1 None Of These Income Nov Prev Yr kal2n011
1 None Of These Income Dec Prev Yr kal2n012
1 Wages,Salary Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2a
1 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2b
1 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2c
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2d
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2e
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2f
1 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2g
1 Subsistence Allowance Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2h
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2j
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2k
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2m
1 None Of These Income Jan-Dec Prev Yr kal2n
1 (1985) Supplementary Provision, Amount, Prev. Yr. kal2d03z
1 (1985) Supplementary Provision, Amount, Prev. Yr. kal2e03z


Study: soep-long


Dataset: pkal

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